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Finished Friday!

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Finished Friday!
  • Well, the power is now fully back on.  Poor jmebear is even poorer but at least the lights work now.  I also set up a diversion for all the water that floods the yard every year.  Hopefully it works.  Hopefully, it doesn't make a mess out of the driveway.  We shall see.  Got the trench filled in and the driveway smoothed out.  Digging that hundred-foot-plus trench took up most of the week.  Ah well, it's all done and cleaned up, for the most part.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend and blessed Sunday!

  • Great feeling to accomplish the last bit of a task.  I started moving boxes of ceramic/granite/ whatever tiles  Friday.  They are stored in the car tent and there is room for them and the car but not where they were.  Put down two courses of boards first to keep the boxes off the blacktop.  Water won't hurt the tile but it won't help the cardboard boxes they come packed in.  They are for a re-do plan down the road, not sure just how far down the road.

    Whisper seems happy with her new stall.  I like that it is brighter and has better air flow.  She likes that she has a better view of everything going on.

    Thanks, Stude.  I hope for a great weekend and a blessed Sunday.