I thought Connie was going to tell us her wonderful surprise was a foal.
I did not sleep well last night.
You can also cut stall mats with a jigsaw.
We will need to decide how to house an extra horse when Chica comes home from training.

Shirlene's 99 year old Aunt passed yesterday. She was on hospice care and fell the day before and broke her leg.
The funeral is on Saturday but work on the house will continue tomorrow.
It will be a long weekend for me as I work volunteer shift today and my extra Saturday shift this week also.
I am suppose to have an extra helper today.

We did a jaunt to the warehouse store yesterday for the yearly stock up.
Things we use a lot of that are much cheaper and things we can't get at the regular grocery store.

Study tell JM I will pray very hard. she had such a terrible time with the first one. My friend is having her fourth hip done this month.
She has worn two out.

Everyone have a thoroughly great Thursday!