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Wonderful Surprise Wednesday

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Wonderful Surprise Wednesday
  • Cal went outside after lunch.  I assumed he was puttering with getting stuff squirreled away for the winter.  Eventually, he had a phone call, I took the message and then went looking for him.  He was in the barn putting the mats down in Whisper's new stall.  He found the chain saw works for cutting them.  He did it as a surprise and it certainly was.  I swept out the stall, put in a bale of straw and moved her over.  I only need to hang a mineral block holder and put in the block and she will have everything she needs.  It is open to the roof so it is lighter and airier. I think she liked the ceiling and two solid walls in the other stall but I like her to be able to see what is going on in her world.

    I had dinner almost ready and Cal came home with the bus.  Seems he has a class tonight and brought the bus home after his run.  We ate, I dragged him over to the barn to see how nice Whisper looks in her new stall and then he went back to work. I like the new floor.  Will know better how much I like it when I clean it.  I do worry about wet.

    She was in this stall when she first came but she and Skid fought so I moved her to the corner.  Now it will be easier for her to watch the kitties play.  I noticed tonight one of the kittens has figured out how to come in through the cat hole instead of crawling under the overhead door.  I know momma knows how and am hoping brother has figured it out because soon I will be blocking the bottom of the door to cut down on the draft.

    Hope everyone had a good Wednesday.

    Oh, I am pretty much decided on I do not need another horse, even to keep her company....unless my dealer finds me one that needs a home.

  • I like that picture of Whisper.  She sure is a pretty girl!

    We have a pony here that really tests my patience regularly.  Now, I'm not really much of a pony person to begin with.  I just haven't the patience for the games.  This little fellow loves to try my patience to the breaking point.  It took me four tries over two hours and treats to persuade the little toe-rag to allow me to halter him and bring him in tonight.  We have been using the neighbor's five acre paddock for our horses since the fire as Jmebear's fences are down.  I've officially had it with him and the ponies won't be going to the large paddock again.

    Another beautiful, if cold, day here.  I only got half-way with the trenching job.  Looks like I may have to take another day or two to complete the job.  The electrician may not be able to get to our repairs till Tuesday at this point.  

    Jmebear goes in for surgery on the other hip tomorrow.  For those prayer warriors out there, keep her in yours.  She will need all the help she can get.

    Hope everyone has a great week!