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Sunday with Snowflakes

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Sunday with Snowflakes
  • Just went out and fed the feral colony.  Snowflakes in the air.  Yesterday we got some sprinkles but no snow and the weather was actually pretty nice even though it was not warm.

    The sale is over.  I think the people who are trying to clean that place out are going to open it again today, but our part is over.  All we need to do now is go and recover our tables.  Not a great sale.  Everyone who came left with something and a smile.  Not many people came, however.  Not the best weekend to hold a sale but that is when they wanted to do it.

    I was considering a horse in PA.  The girl sent me a video.  He has lost weight since her original photos.  He looks a tad off behind and he has a club foot in front.  He looks comfy to ride but I don't need to pay her asking price for a horse that already has problems.  I still am waffling about getting another horse.  If Whisper was gaited she would be perfect.  Still, everything else about her suits me.  Then, do I really want to introduce two horses?  Do I want two stalls to clean?  I did contact a shipper about the cost of getting the horse trucked eighty miles.  I have a trailer but it has been over 20 years since I pulled one.  Oh, and have no idea of how to back one up.  The only advice I was ever given was, "just keep going, it will follow you".

    A friend, retired but just went back to work about a month ago doing stalls on the racetrack  just got a great deal.  He nephew knew of a trailer that was for sale to settle an estate.  He told her.  She had the money and sent it.  It is now hers.  She sent me a picture .  I told her what she had.  It is NOT  a popular trailer with race horses but it is a very pricy trailer.  She was happy it was in good shape.  I told her the brand.  She ?.  Then I sent her a pic of a 2008 offered for sale.  Hers is a 2012.  They want $11000. for the 08.  She now realizes she stole the trailer.  It is a Brenderup.  She also won a hoodie from a new local feed store.  Seems like things are looking up for her.

    Still pretty dark here so I am waiting for the sun so I can take care of Whisper and the barn kitties.  Then, breakfast, bath, Church.

    Hope all of you are having a super new week.

  • Well hope everyone is now full of turkey for the year. Oldest son was riding his bike yesterday, stopped by and took his helmet off eyes were watering pretty good. Only in the low 40's I used to be that brave,.... or crazy. But my yard does need mowed again. That would be a first at the end of Nov.