Going over soon to take care of Whisper and the barn cats and then it is off to put up signs and then head to the sale site.  We still have about three large totes we uncovered yesterday to open and put out for display.  Certainly hope this is a good sale.  The weather is not promising to be good.  Rain and snow.  Ick.

A girl advertised a MFT for sale over a month ago.  We chatted about her and then she just dropped out of site.  I had asked for pictures.  She pops back in my chat a day or two before Thanksgiving and wanted to know if I was still interested in the horse.  Apparently, this horse has to be moved from it's current location and she doesn't have a place or maybe the money to keep her.  She has an old horse that she wants to keep and I can understand that.  Now, with a few days before the mare has to be moved, she wants me to come, try and buy.  The good part is she is now VERY interested in cash offers.  Not sure I want two but an 80 mile one way trip to see her and try her might get me a comfy mount for Cal.  Or at least get Whisper a companion.  If not, I think the horse might wind up at the local horse sale which will be the first or second weekend in December.

Really need to think and pray on this.

Well, off to the barn.  Duty calls.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

The horse.