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Sunday passing

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Sunday passing
  • My friend Cliff passed away this morning.
    A very good man. He was very helpful to me..
    He knew all things mechanical.
    I am sad but I am also glad he did not linger long.

    The benefit went very well with an excellent turnout.
    Friends did a slide show. All the photos of the project from the fire engines to this past Friday.
    Very moving to see it chronicled.
    Next up is finishing work and then a party for all the volunteers when Richard deems the house ready for a party.

    Pilot and I went out for lunch and a drive to see some fall color.
    We are couching it the rest of the day.
    The boys may come this evening, stay over and help us do some ranch work tomorrow.
    We are well behind due to helping the Cowies.

    I hope everyone is well.
    Thanks Connie for hanging out here with me.
    Where is everyone?
  • sorry to hear about your friend Cliff, DH.

    It was the third of lovely days here today.  Mostly overcast and a few sprinkles this evening.  But the sun peeked out now and again all day.  tomorrow is supposed to be rain all day.

    well I found out what was spooking the horses last week.  Seems someone shot a deer and he got away.  It was a good clean shot in his ***.  He had jumped our fence and died on the carriage path.  I saw something crumpled up on the path from the neighbor's driveway.  After crossing through a paddock I could see it was a young three-point buck that the vultures were enjoying thoroughly.  I moved him into the very back of the property so that the dogs would leave him alone and the vultures could enjoy him in peace.  Such a waste.  He was a fine young buck and would have been good eating for the hunter.  As it is, the vultures are very happy with him.

    Finally got the porch roof on over the Laundry-room door today.  Was short one sheet of tin and went into Redding to get it later.  Had to do a lot of things today ahead of the projected two weeks of rain.  I think everything got done.  I hope.  

    The trip to Redding was an adventure.  First I was stopped on HWY 299 by the CHP because I had no tail lights.  Do what I would they refused to come on.  They let me go but asked that I turn on my flashers.  Got to Tractor Supply and bought the tools (along with the feed I was there for in the first place) and took the lenses off the tail lights.  As I suspected, the bulbs just needed a bit of jiggling and they came on.  I need to put some Dielectric Grease on the bulbs.  Silly truck.  Wasted a good hour.

    Ah well.  Stocked up on feed for everyone and ready to hunker down and wait out the rain.  Hope everyone else has a great week ahead!

  • DH, so sorry about the loss of your friend.  Good friends are a treasure and can never be replaced.

    We have SNOW.  The weather person was somewhat correct.  Looks from the view out the patio door that we have  4-5  inches.  Thankfully, we do not seem to have the wind that was supposed to come with it and only have half the accumulation they predicted.  Cal has used his tent garage for storage all summer.  It is not fully emptied so his car sits outside in the snow.  He is doing a moving sale for a family and some of what is in the tent is going to that sale, with the permission of the owners of the sale items.  That will give us space enough for everything but the kitchen cupboards he bought because he thought I wanted them....nice thought but he bought the wrong bunch of cupboards.  They were at a monthly auction and the other pile had the drawer base I wanted.  Ah, his heart was in the right place.  Now, what to do with unneeded new cupboards?

    Whisper is making progress.  Sure wish she would go outside and move around a bit.  It will be easier when it freezes up a bit and she can go out and do her fret walking in snow instead of mud.

    Glad you got your truck lights taken care of, Stude.  Also the roof done.  I have a small roof that needs tin...the cat deck has a leak.  I have the tin, just not one to climb to a roof two stories off the ground to put it on.

    Actually this is Monday, but I oops'd and didn't start a new thread.