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Saturdays Benefit Day!

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Saturdays Benefit Day!
  • I hope all goes well.
    We need the funds to get a special bed for Cowies. That is our priority.
    Richard has an infection in both hands so he could use a healing boost of prayers.

    Yesterday, Pilot and I delivered the tool box to be used as a medical cabinet.
    It was a monster, taking 6 guys to get it unloaded.

    Pilot and I worked on getting fridge and freezer installed. We had to build a platform for the shorter one.
    Everyone else worked on install of interior doors, baseboards and molding.
    Cabinets still need install.

    I think I shall collapse for a while after the benefit today.

    I hope everyone has a beautiful Saturday!
  • Nice day here today...windy, chilly and rainy.  Still things are good.  We looked at some things  a lady wants us to help her sell...will do our best.  She has moved and these are things she really doesn't want and she has already had some sales...we are going to do a bag sale for her.

    Whisper is doing fine.  She is not totally looking normal in the ankle but there is steady improvement.  Still debating on getting her a companion.  Twice the work and expense, but she  gets lonely.

    I spent some time with the rescue people at TSC.  Two dogs and an adult cat were adopted.  A good thing.  She has more coming in tonight.  She loves them all.  Her husband and son seem to also.

    Church tomorrow unless we get the storm they are threatening us with.