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Sunday is done.

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Sunday is done.
  • V came and we rode this afternoon.
    She rode Tex and did very well.
    I rode Sarcee. She hasn't been ridden for quite awhile? She was a slow pokey girl today.

    Yesterday I rode Tex and Pilot rode Jet.
    We went to R&C's and it was about a 4 hour ride.
    It was exhausting. We are in need of a serious resting break?

    Jet did well but he is back on rest since we won't have time for anymore riding this week.

    I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!

  • Yes, it is Monday, but I am using Sunday to post, since it started Sunday.

    I fed Whisper her grain outside of her stall so I could do her stall while she ate.  I took the wheelbarrow out to empty it over the cliff, and headed back.  There she was, out of the barn looking for me.  As soon as she realized I was going back in , she rushed back to her stall.  After she knew I was staying in, she went back to her grain.  Today, Monday,  I had her loose in the barn, she had finished her grain, and I went out with the wheelbarrow.  There she was, looking for me.  Back in ahead of me.  Took a basket out, and she was out again, coming around the corner of the barn looking for me.  Back inside.  She certainly likes to know where I am if I am not in the barn with her.

    Progress on the leg, knee is cool and looks like a knee.  Ankle not as full as it was but still has heat and swelling.  I think it will be 6 weeks tomorrow.  I am happy with her progress and understand this takes time.

    Friend getting a free Standie that rides...no strings.  A local gal has two that she will give to home with the understanding she gets them back if the new owner no longer wants them.  One trotter, one pacer that is supposed to be huge.  Sounds perfect for Hunter if she just had a barn and paddock.

    A new week and we are getting more snow.

  • Glad to hear Whisper is doing better.  Leaves me wondering what could have possibly caused such a problem.  Then I remembered; heat often means infection.  I wonder if Whisper has some kind of infection in her leg?  Not being a Vet, I'm only guessing.  

    We had a four-hour downpour here.  Finally able to go out and feed buckets and bowls.  I refused to stand out in that.  Besides, all the bowls, etc, would have been swimming before I was done.  

    Everyone is happy now and I can go to bed.  

    Oh, not yet, the ceiling at the foot of my bed leaked again.  Oi...

    Also, I have to take the trash out.

    Poor dogs.  They were really scared when I saw the wet spot at the foot of my bed and got really ticked off.  So I got a pair of scissors and punched a hole a few feet away from the bed and the water drained there.  A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G!!!  Here I thought that problem was fixed!  Apparently not.  

    Well, I'd better quit messing around with this computer and get the trash out before the next downpour hits.

    Hope everyone has a great week!

  • doing a test to see if a change to my profile worked...

  • Apparently not...

  • Stude, the vet seems to think she has/had cellulitis.  I know she slipped and strained the entire leg because I saw it.  Apparently Cellulitis is a bacterial infection that is not uncommon but is not well understood (at least by me).  She thinks she may have gotten bacteria in an opening in the skin and that is where it started to run rampant.  It was swollen Tuesday and she got on bute right away but it was Saturday before  she was on antibiotics.  The original swelling was from the elbow to the knee.  Then the chest chimed in..vet says lymph nodes trying to filter the infection, and it went down to the ankle.  The lower leg started to ooze pus.  She needs to get out and move around more but mud is not the best thing for a horse I don't want to slip and re strain her self and that I want to keep the leg as clean as possible.  Someone suggested tube socks but I don't know how to keep them up, so I use a bandage when she goes out and just wash the bandage when it comes off.  It has been six weeks, rather long weeks for her, but I see improvement....a lot of improvement.

    I am not sure I want another horse but I have the opportunity to get a retired Standardbred.  the only string is he goes back to the girl if I don't want to keep him.  I also talked with my horse dealer and slaughter horses are really low priced now and I might be able to get something from that group that has a few good years left and just needs a better home.

    It is already Tuesday and we are still on Sunday...no problem,