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Horse Tail Bracelet

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Horse Tail Bracelet
  • My wife wants a bracelet made from Eros' tail hair. Any recommendations?

  • I know there are people who make them but do not know anyone who does.  Perhaps check at a local tack shop?  Be careful because I know some people that buy them in bulk for resale.  You want your own tail hair used.  I have seen on facebook a person who makes pendants with some kind of clear substance and she puts some of the hair in the substance and perhaps a heart and it makes a meaningful pendant.  If I see the ad again, I will try to remember to send it to you.

  • There's a lady here in California that does them. Bracelets, necklaces, however you want it done.

  • She does beautiful work. She lives fairly  close by and I've seen her work. I  am going to have her do a necklace for me from Breezy's tail hair. Breezy is a 27 yo Appy and I have had her all of her life. You can contact her on facebook : A Horses Whisper. Shows some of her work. It's fabulous.