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Tuesday Time To Vote

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Tuesday Time To Vote
  • Will go vote when Cal gets home from his morning run.

    Whisper's leg is improving, mostly just swollen around the knee and canon bone/ankle area.  She is not hurting on it.  Yesterday I made her go outside and she did manage to get her heels almost over her ears.  She ran a little.  Then begged to come back in.

    Adding a picture of her leg on Sunday.  I think it looks even better today.  It has been five weeks since the leg ballooned.

    She is wonderful to work on.  She happily eats third cut grass out of the bale while I reset her bandages.  She even seems to enjoy her leg massages.

  • Glad all is well with Whisper. When Dan was still around and suffering from arthritis in his knee he LOVED to have that knee massaged. Eros enjoyed he massages as well as we tried to get him over his hurdle.

  • Very glad to hear Whisper is improving.  Socks loves his house too.  He's always the first to return from the back paddock to the barn and will blubber over the back gate till I let him back in.  He's such a big baby.

    Ran errands all day.  Was pretty tired when finally home.  Then it poured for hours (still raining hard).  Supposed to be more of the same for the next two days.  I guess we will see if my trenching to re-direct the water back into the original streambed works.  I didn't finish cleaning out the wash's trench and it's largely blocked about half way to the main streambed.  Ah well, we'll see tomorrow.

    Firefly goes in to have his weenie examined again.  The flys did some damage this summer and we've been treating it for months.  He's pretty tired of the whole procedure.     I have to agree with him though.  It will be a relief not to go through this every day.

    Hope everyone has a great Thursday (and a bit drier than here in No. Cal)!