Up too early.
80s and sunny for the week except for a chance of rain on Wednesday.
Chuck and Liz picked a great time for their visit. We are going to ride later this morning.
It will be beautiful with the fall colors starting to peak.

Lucky Boy said he did not have his best race and Harper placed 9th? at State meet.

Friday at Cowie's the tape/float and texture was being finished so no other work on the inside.
But of course we all worked on the outside. Pressure washed the outside remnants of the original slab. They are going to pour new slab over for an outdoor area.
Pilot weed-eated everywhere he could and found a $50 dollar bill in the weeds from the explosion. crazy

I worked on reorganizing the shed area. Tools and stuff were put in there every which way making the area unusable.
I got it cleared it up for a reasonable work area again.

Fish fry had a great turn out. And Richard was there helping in the food serving line. He doesn't have any quit.

Sarcee's rabies shot knot seems to be resolving.

Everyone have a sunny Sunday!