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Monday, a day of decision

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Monday, a day of decision
  • I've got FEMA orders. Got them last night. I have to accept them today if I want to go. I'm going to. The Standardbred meet and greet was postponed until the 4th of Nov and I'll miss that. I guess they'll have to make it without me. I read my daily devotion today and it's about serving others. I do that at home but I've become a bit of a murmurer plus the feeling of being taken advantage of. The boys will have to do without as I go out and see if I can help with the rebuild efforts. So that's that.

    Not much more since it's not even 6am. lol HAPPY MONDAY!
  • Early day today.  Cal had to leave early.  One of the drivers has an early appointment that her run would not get her back in time for.  She asked to trade runs with him for the day and the terminal manager okay'd it.  This was once his run so he does know it somewhat...they change frequently, but he will have an aide that should be able to keep him on the correct route.  Raining and dark out there so will wait before doing chores.

    Stude, glad you had a good time at the event.  So nice when you can get away from day to day and do something pleasant and distracting.  Same goes for you, Hunter.  That day with the Standies was a blessing, I am sure.

    Hunter, will saying "yes" to FEMA prevent you from saying "yes" to the other job if they want you?  I don't think you mentioned time tables, just location.  

    I know this is a horse forum, but I also know there are dog folks here.  Our dog has the most horrible BO of any dog I have EVER been around.  Is there a shampoo or a food additive that would help?  Any place she hunkers down in stinks.  SHE stinks.  I am not a fan of over bathing a dog, but she might just have to go that route.  

    Wicked thunderstorms in the area last night.  Glad they were to the north of us.  High winds, trees down, power outages.  We just got the heavy rain part.

    Gave a kitten to a sweet young woman at church...she wanted one.  This kitty has no idea of how blessed her life is.  She has a home, toys, wonderful attention and all the love her heart could ever want.  I ordered a book for the new kitty mom, one I read years ago when I was working in the school library.  It is written by a veterinarian and is titled, "All my patients are under the bed".  It is  an account written by a cat vet who made house calls.  I think it will appeal to her.  We actually have a vet in the area who specializes in cats and makes house calls.

    Getting wordy so I guess it is time to sign off.

    Have a super day, everyone.

  • I spent the last couple days recovering from Thursday and Friday.

    Pilot shot a nail into his finger joint again. He has been soaking and babying it and is better.

    Saturday, I could barely move and spent the day doing some filing just to be productive.

    I wanted to ride yesterday but we had a morning rain shower that cancelled that plan.

    Sis and B decided we all needed a day out so Sis picked me up and off we went for a day of window shopping.

    We had a late lunch at the Mexican place on the river. It is always great food and service.

    Today is cattle, horse chores and  Board meeting.

    We are having a small reception prior to the Board meeting. A gentleman made a substantial financial gift to us upon his passing.

    A painting we commissioned in his honor will be unveiled.

    Connie in my dog experience it is almost always food that contributes to doggy stink.

    A higher grade of food usually eliminates the odor within a week if that is the problem.

    After that it is process of elimination with ears, teeth, anal glands, etc....

    So many reminders in the past couple days why house pet free is still a good idea for us at this point in time.

    Hunterseat I hope no-one throws a wrench in your FEMA plan.

    Everyone have a stress free Monday!

  • Nice ride yesterday with Fancy and Apache. Repaired Irma pasture damage in pasture behind the house. Moved horses over so ghey can have the last of this seasons grass.

    In August moved a sister in who is in horrible health. Lisged her house last and got an offer the next day. Little back and forth then we accepted. Also trying to sell her car, she is legally blind. Goal is to get her in an apartment nearby, but i have my doubts she will be able to live on her own again.

  • face, let me know the stats on the car!

    Connie, I've interviewed twice recently. I have lots more applications out there, just applied to one near the rescue! lol Everything's federal  (jobs and FEMA) so, if they want me they will have to wait for me to get back. I decided not to miss a beat and just go on living. I don't think the NOAA job is right for me.

    Yes, I got the guilt trip from both guys. Of course boy is funnier. "you're leaving me with your boyfriend because you don't want  him" BTW, I went by Petco and the fish look fabulous! :)

  • Face, glad you had a good ride.  Sorry about your sister's health and ability to care for herself. Prayers for wisdom for her care.

    Hunter...your son seems to be very perceptive.

  • 2012 Ford Fiesta 4dr Hatchback. 14406 miles. No known issues other than a couple recalls that i don't think have been fixed yet. Kelly Blue Book has it at $8250. Just put a new battery in it. Was kept in garage until i got it, but i keep it covered to keep leaves and such off of it.

  • Thanks! When I get back from St.Croix I may have the funds with the overtime I'll be making. :)