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Fiddlin' around Friday

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Fiddlin' around Friday
  • Well since no one started a thread for today, thought I would oblige.
    In answer to your request for pics Hunter:

    This is the back door.  Notice the rounded corners.  The screen door is oak.

    the back door profiles:  Note the curvature of the main door.  Inside is flat, outside curves outward.

    This is the stud outside of the (no longer extant) door frame.  Again, notice how the outside edge bulges outward.  I had to cut this stud on a band-saw to match the mostly rotten original.  I's mortised into the sill plate barely visible on the bottom.


    The original stud on the other side.  There used to be another stud after this another six inches in.  There was a switch and porch light in the gap adjacent to the door.

    The issue I'm so concerned about is that curvature of the trailer wall.  If I set up this door flush as it has to go, then I am stumped as to how I'm going to flash around it to keep the water out.  Without flashing and etc, the door frame will leak and I'll be right back where the previous owner put this trailer.  I think the door will look pretty good on this trailer.  It's just a matter of stripping the white paint off the aluminium skin.  If I still don't like the look of it, I can buy some smooth aluminium sheet and reskin the door.  For now though, I just want to get it weather tight.

  • Oh, remember a couple of weeks ago I mentioned we had a fire?  Here's some shots of the aftermath.  There's a lot of pepto-bismol pink stuff around here....

    Even pink Chickens!!  Thoroughly PISSED OFF pink chickens!  The majority of them have quit laying since.

    When the retardant was dropped the chickens were all out in their yard.  They jumped five feet when it dumped on them!  Then they all flew into the coop.  Sadly one hen was trampled to death and I found her next morning.

    Remember that lovely pic I posted a few years ago of the horses in the upper pasture?  Well this is what it looks like today:


    The good news is that none of us or our livestock were harmed (well except one hen).  The part of the property burnt was largely empty land.  So we are counting our blessings to have dodged the bullet yet again.  Regardless, the fire did do considerable damage to the fencing.  So that will have to be replaced and that will be a considerable expense (partly paid for by insurance).  Well, the fencing needed re-doing anyway, I suppose.

  • My first thought was boating, even yachting maintainers might have an idea for you. Also, now that my brain is back on it, aviation has plenty of curved hatches. I think the trick on acft is a track that fits the seal into it so it can be curved and still reliable.  (I have to add, those are buggers to install, starting at one end and pushing with a spoon handle thing)There are some good gasket examples in kitchen products but those surfaces are pretty much all flat. Still, that might be a more affordable way to go. The track might be tricky but then again, if you think about it, if it's mounted on a surface, who's to say you can't use two pieces butted up for the track instead of one 3-sided piece (if you get my meaning, how gasket tracks usually are - that I know of)

    My second thought is to find people who have btdt. So really, I'd say campers, boaters, aviators would give you a great pool for ideas!

    What I'm hearing you say is the original door is going to do fine. you're rebuilding the frame and the dilemma is weather stripping.

    So sorry you're dealing with the pink stuff. Would a  good gully washer clean it up? Poor chicks. You know some people periodically burn their pasture. This might be a great opportunity to reseed and manage. Set her up like a petting zoo and get donations. You have plenty of critters for it, don't you. (children's birthday parties?) For a boy's party you can set up building projects for them to train on and get work done for you. lol