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Rollin' on the roadway Friday!

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Rollin' on the roadway Friday!
  • Finally got the old lady's legs and shoes on.  The front axle isn't right and I have to dismount and fix it.  But then I want to replace all the U-bolts anyway.  So I can do the fix when I replace them.  Weather my Chevy could handle the trailer was a concern.  The old man had no trouble.  Then again, my top speed was only forty-five.  All the same, the truck had power and to spare although he definitely was working to haul the old lady down the road.  Oak Run road is kinda twisty with hills thrown in just for the fun of it.  Here's a shot of the old man and lady in the driveway:

  • Glad you got it home.  It looks good.  Please keep us updated with progress reports....and pictures.  

    I think we are going to either get a chain saw repaired or get a new one...not sure which, maybe both.

  • We need a chainsaw here too Connie.  After the fire I have a lot of dead trees that need removal.  Also, I now need to actually work on the top-end of the property and some small trees will have to be cleared for that.

    Looks like all the fans work in the trailer!  Imagine that, nearly seventy-year-old fans, still working well!  The exhaust fan for over the stove and bathroom (a combo-vent for both) was filled with mud from 'Daubbers and wouldn't work.  I broke up some of the mud and tried it again and the fan started moving slowly.  left it on and turned it into the sink, just in case.  Good  thing I did cause a moment later it belched out a cloud of dust and kicked into high gear!  The little thing really puts out a lot of air!

    The fan in the heater works well too.  I'm kinda hoping the 'stove guy' in Redding can get the heater working.  I have it disconnected and out, so it can now go to the repairman for a servicing.

    Floor looks good, except around the door.  Don't know exactly how I'm going to fix either the door or the floor.  The coach will need complete rewiring, re-plumbing, and  some of the cabinets rebuilt from scratch.  One step at a time.

  • We dropped the saw off at a repair shop and then went to TSC and bought a new mid size saw.  He used it to cut down that Ash tree.  Glad to read the fans work.  Saw part of a tv special that said the old ones are better constructed than the new ones