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Friday is for Chica

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Friday is for Chica
  • It is her birthday today.
    We are having aggravating issues with our brand new AC.
    Luckily Pilot is much nicer about these sorts of things than I.
    We are going to feed cows and then he will call them back for the third straight day in a row??????

    I think I should go to town while they are here.
    I need to do my extra Saturday volunteer shift tomorrow.
    In order to take advantage of the many good meat prices this week I will need to get to the store by Tuesday.
    My only free time coming up is today or Tuesday.

    I hope everyone is going to enjoy this lovely Spring Friday.

  • I went to Wine for Whiskers, a benefit for a local cat rescue. It was okay. I got girl two tickets for her b'day but ended up taking her, which wasn't what I intended. Silent auction but got outbid. All in all an okay evening.

    Getting discouraged about the NY job.

    Happy b'day Chica!! What a sweetie. Sorry about the HVAC. That's rather infuriating.