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Monday morning

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Monday morning
  • A rain shower overnight. Just a trace but we could use more.
    Not sure what I am doing today. Other than board meeting this evening.

    I should run to town and look for plants.
    I also need to get a couple metal garbage cans for feed and some hardware cloth.
    I had a coon get in the tack/feed room. Luckily there were only two bags of feed left, but it tor into both bags.

    Pilot is painting today since he didn't get to yesterday.
    He is a wonderful artist. But he has to schedule time to do it.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

  • I'm glad Pilot is painting! That's awesome!

    I used the Rubbermaid trashcans for feed and they held up well.

    I may have found a good room very affordable w/in good commuting distance from work. I've emailed the lady, will speak with her Wednesday by phone and, if all seems okay I'll go visit this weekend.

    It's amazing how many pictures come up when you google Girlzilla. It really hit the fan today because I'm not just going to keep my mouth shut and let the circus go on around me. Sorry. I got a problem here and that's going to be something everyone is aware of. Nothing is okay with her behavior. I don't care what the excuse of the day is. Of course there seemed to be the need to bring it up as I was going to bed so now I'm wired. Had to take pills and drink some wine. Maybe I'll sleep by 1 or 2am. This is bull hockey. I should have known better. She just needs to go now. She plays her dad like the fiddle. She can take him with her, honestly. That's how I feel right now. Oh well. Tomorrow's another day. yay. I can hope for the start date of the new job. That will take me out of here for work days anyway. That would mean good sleeping.

    Wow, aren't I cranky? hahaha Don't worry. Blowing steam.

  • Hunter, (((HUGS))).  Keeping it bottled up inside is self destructive.  Letting it out will help one way or another.

  • I agree with Connie about internalizing relationship issues.  However I have no advice on how to deal with the situation constructively.  Have loads of experience on how to badly deal with such a situation though...  Perhaps some time away would be a good thing.  Let Chatter work this out on his own and  when he decides Girlzilla has overplayed her concerto, he can call a halt to it.  If he doesn't, then perhaps it is best for you to just move on.  As it is, he appears to have set his daughter on a higher priority in his life and perhaps he needs to be alone with his decision.  All the same. I'm  a bad source for advice as I did all the wrong things myself.

    Worked with the little colt yesterday.  He was living up to his nickname of Schei├če Kopf yesterday.  However we worked though his issues ('I don't want to!') and he then got a partial bath.  Lord, what a mud baby!  He had a variety of shapes to his mud ornaments hanging off his belly.  Where he didn't have decorations hanging off, there was a slab of dried mud.  My penance for allowing him to get this bad is the cleaning job required for this.  It'll take days to get that slab off his belly.

    We had a Driving (equine) Club meeting Monday night.  It was a lot of fun, but I had three of those weird attacks during the meeting.  First time it has occurred before witnesses other than Joyce and I.  According to the others there, my face seems to turn quite red.  Interesting...  Still no idea what is causing the issue.

    Hope everyone around here has a great Tuesday!