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Sunday Sunshine

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Sunday Sunshine
  • A beautiful sunny day here.  It started out a tad bit bleak at the barn but by midday, all was well.  Whisper was off her feed and didn't act just right.  Gut sounds good.  Temp?  She laid down before I could get the thermometer.  I kicked the boys out and she said she wanted out so out she went.  She did some moving around, a half roll and then decided that a little jaunt behind the barn was a good idea.  she came back and started eating.  Vet said probably starting to colic but not full blown.  She is fine tonight with a happy attitude and a healthy appetite.  Thankful.

    The feed mill where I have been getting my feed decided this week to close.  We got there yesterday in time to find some bargains...if I had been better prepared, I would have gotten some gates and posts...all half price!  Guess he is thinking of having an auction for what didn't sell.  I got some fly spray and vetrycin, and a fly mask.  Hubby grabbed a gallon of bar oil.

    Great temps here today and should be again tomorrow.  I need to get hay tomorrow.  Will call my guy in the morning.

    Hope all are having peaceful days.

    Took this picture of Whisper as I was heading out to meet a friend for ice cream...which turned out to be a slice of pizza since the ice cream place was closed.

  • Connie, one thing you have to be aware of with Arabs is their tendency to produce Entroliths.  I had an acquaintance who had, I think, the world's largest collection of them.  She raised Arabs.  Part of the issue was feeding Alfalfa hay.  You might consider having Whisper palpated by your vet and/or an ultrasound done.  Here is a link to an article dealing with the subject:


    My friend partly funded and provided horses for the first study mentioned in the article.

    cleaned stalls today.  Beautiful, if a bit chilly, day here too.

  • Finally a weekend where we got to ride both days. Life or weather has been getting in the way lately. Fancy has always be the trail lead, but if Apache is going, he is now the trail lead. Never would have believed he would be leading this time last year. I think Fancy does not like following other girls, but following a boy is OK with her. Apache doesn't stop and observe things like Fancy does when she leads, he just barrels down the trail.

  • Stude, thank you for the link to the article.  You had mentioned that alfalfa is not good for Arabs and she has not gotten any here.  However, the last hay in small bales is second cut grass with some clover and I actually was feeding her more of that  than of the first cut grass/timothy hay.  Last night she got all of the first and when I went back over to check on her and blanket her, I gave her a little, very little, of the second.  She gets her grain twice a day and has access to the pasture but the grass isn't growing yet.  I appreciate your input.  Glad that she gets her grain and that might help with the acid production just in case.

    Beautiful sunrise here this Monday morning.

    Face, love the change in Apache.  Glad you got to ride.

    Talked with the dealer I got Whisper from last night.  When I told him how good she is looking now  and how sweet she is he said she would resell as a good kids horse.  I told him if she rides good for us she is staying.

    Hope everyone has a great week.