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Friday has come and gone

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Friday has come and gone
  • Errands and lunch in Kville.
    Electric fence materials for the cabin from the farm store.

    We saw a Studebaker on the way to the home improvement store.
    It was red-orange color and all polished up. A later model according to Pilot.

    I wanted to find 4 plants for the big pots on the front gallery.
    Something for the hummers and butterflies. No luck.
    We did find some crepe myrtles on the way out.
    2 wine colored and 2 red came home with us. They will go along the drive.

    Tomorrow is open hangar day at Freiburg. We will probably spend most of the day there.
    I need to grab snacks and drinks.

    Stopped by and saw the family along with B on the way home.
    I whined that no-one rides. My sis may take pity and learn to ride soon.

    Everyone have a great weekend!

  • Now see, DH, if at least one of your horses would drive you could have taken the sister for a drive and both have a good time.