Almost, I guess. Craziness x2 at work. Inspector General team coming out soon. yay (not) and I'm doing the quarterly training session next week so I want to be ready for that. I might as well bite the bullet and bring my laptop home over the weekend.

I'm torn - there's a job opening where I am which is the same pay grade as the one I have in NYC. Difference is I'll keep that for a year and can possibly move up a notch. Where I am there would be no more up. I need to set my highest pay level for retirement. Plus honestly I'm not at all happy with this situation. My son is the only awesome thing in my home life (besides the dogs). I'm hoping, for his sanity, he gets the rest of his fines paid off (he's close), gets his license back and finds a good place to transfer to. (once he has his groomer cert). Hope he doesn't take it for granted. But anyway, he will be gone. I can probably handle weekends here. ugh. Bad I feel that way. I skipped a happy pill. Grumpy. Stressed at work and can't play games at home. No tolerance. Now she's gone (9pm) "to get coffee" and she has school early but I guarantee she will be out half the night and dad will stress and raise the roof. I'm already peeves so sleep might be a challenge. Wow. Talk about a whiner!!

It rained - no POURED today. even got some thunder boomers. Maybe one day we can start doing laundry at home again. Of course the basement has a BUNCH of water infiltration. We don't seem to be making any progress on the house these days. (more whining)