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Where's Wednesday?
  • I ran a Work Induction Board today. :) Crazy busy as usual, plus my boss' work. He's scheduled for surgery TOMORROW. It got postponed.
    Supposed to rain some more tomorrow. We got a reprieve today, nice sunshine. But the ground's so saturated. ugh. Can't complain, though, we've been in severe drought condition for 2yrs.
    I hope everyone has had a great Wednesday.
  • A sleepy start to my day.  

    Decided to get Crystal out and drive her today since she was so good the last time.  She was absolutely super!  Took me a little while on long-lines to get her to listen and then I thought we are ready to put to.  So, I took her back to the high-line and got the cart out.  In the meantime I carefully tied the lead to the high-line and forgot to snap it onto her halter.  So she was standing there on the honour system.  That didn't last too long.  I came back from the carriage tent and no Crystal.  She had moseyed back into the barn and was trying to jimmy the gate out into the paddock.  Fully harnessed at that!  I led her back to the High-line and snapped on the lead.  Swung her around and put the cart to her.  She was very good and listened beautifully.  We even did a few sharp turns and one pirouette.  Couldn't ask for better and quit whilst she was still willing and in a good mood.

    The phone rang, and after making sure Crystal was secure, I ran for it.  Turned out to be the visitation nurse's dispatcher wanting to know our location as the nurse was lost.  Kinda hard to miss the first house on the road, but I explained our location again.  Then I pointed out that the Nurse likely drove right past Crystal and I.  So I told the dispatcher to tell the Nurse to turn in the driveway she saw the horse and cart in.  Also told them that Jmebear was sound asleep.  The nurse showed up about ten minutes later amid much fanfare from the dogs.

    Put Crystal away and got Socks out.  Once he was on the High-line, I put Crystal's harness and equipment away and got Socks' out.  right about then, just as I was starting to groom Socks I had one of those weird attacks.  Sat down in a chair for about five minutes or so with Socks looking over my shoulder.  Finally got up and started grooming him and again the sharp burning up the back of my neck and shoulders, not to mention the extreme fatigue.  Sat down in the chair again.  This time when it passed I put Socks in the round pen and went in for some lunch and a break.  Feeling better I went out again and put a very miffed Socks back on the high line.  Grooming Socks and Crystal is somewhat time consuming this time of the year.  Crystal much more so than Socks, but still.  Anyway, whilst I was taking care of him, the Nurse pokes her head out the back door and exclaims, "what a beautiful Horse!"  I swear Socks understands English very well.  He stood up real tall and preened like a peacock!  He's such a conceited clown.  Anyway it turned out she and Jmebear needed the electric cart on the front porch so Jmebear could show the nurse around.  So I moved the cart onto the new front porch and went back to preparing Socks.

    Socks wanted to play games about getting in position for the Phaeton.  Finally got him lined up and pulled the shafts down into place.  Still working on getting used to this vehicle.  Frankly, I don't think I'll ever buy another carriage sight-unseen again.  Anyway got him put to and got ready to move out.  In the meantime, Jmebear was leading Firefly (miniature Appaloosa Stallion) around with her cart and showing the nurse the ponies.  Fire couldn't make up his mind who to make faces at first, the pony in front of him or Socks.  So he blew his nose all down Jmebear's shirt sleeve instead.  Gotta love ponies!

    Anyway, out Socks and I went in the Phaeton.  Seems I didn't get the mounting bolts for the shafts tight enough and as soon as I put Socks into a trot, the front axle started to oscillate right to left in time with Socks' gait.  Scary.  Took him back in and out of the vehicle.  Then, with Socks securely on the line, I tightened the mounting bolts, added some padding to the shaft loops on Socks' harness and put him back to.  H-U-G-E improvement.   Went down the road a farm or two and back again.  Socks was good as gold.  So he was done for the day too.

    Then off to Redding on a shopping trip and now nattering along here.  So that's it from the Walkingbear today.  I do hope everyone else had as good or better a day!

    D.H. glad to hear the Bad Actor is out of the picture.  Perhaps the volunteering will be more rewarding and experience now.

    Hang in there Hunter.  Best of luck with the relationship thing.

    I'm off, tah rah!!