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Stormy Sunday

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Stormy Sunday
  • Big storm. Possible tornado touchdown in Kville.
    We got another 1-1/3 of rain. Wow it is GREEN!
    We haven't seen it this green in more than 10 years, maybe more.

    V invited us for dinner since we can't ride. Yum.
    I am bringing veg and desert.
    Loaded cauliflower casserole and my ricotta cheese chocolate mousse.
    Trying to keep it low carb for Pilot.

    Everyone have a super Sunday!
  • Low carb? That's no fun! ;)

    It was as gorgeous as it's been all year today. Didn't get a lot of <---somebody finish that sentence. I got distracted and have no idea why I typed that.

    We drove an hour to get to a TSC that had stove coal. But it's beautiful up here. And we took a walk at a park and ate at a diner. It was a good day. OOOOHHHH didn't get a lot of sleep last night. duh. That's why my brain is fuzzy and I'm pretty wiped out.

    Work tomorrow.

  • Good evening :). Had a quiet day.  Hubby was doing motorcycle and airplane related things.  I did some chores around here, made creme brûlée with our abundant eggs and cream, laundry,   Finishing up planning for horse fencing.   Beautiful day here.  

    Yesterday we had a very busy day.  Went up to the horse rescue and fed all 30+ equines, watered, fly-masked them for the first time this year and wormed them all.  Phew!  

    Glad you got more rain, DH but not good on the tornado.....  share your dessert recipe!  

    Glad you had a good day, Hunter :). Sorry the mud, etc. is keeping you from working with the mare.  So glad we taught Cody good ground manners when he was "little!"  

    Kelly was home and helped feed.  We didn't get a ride in due to her homework  and having to run Braveheart to the vet yesterday but I've got plans to ride during my week off for Spring Break.   Tuesday hauling a friend's horses from their old place about an hour away to a few miles away from me here.  She's our horse Chiro so will be giving our horses some treatments :).   Also have the vet coming for teeth and sheaths.  

    Need to go shopping tomorrow, stock up on groceries for the week, dog food, etc.    hope everyone is getting nice weather like we are :)

  • It was a beautiful weekend here in SC and the South Carolina Women's Basketball won the NCAA National Championship for the first time.

    The storms are moving thru here this afternoon. Picked out a new 2016 F250, time to get rid of the 2005 truck, and will pick it up tomorrow. It had to come down from Indiana.

    May 3 I will head to South Dakota one last time to drive back east with the son, grand daughter and 2 dogs. I am thrilled that the grand kids will  in SW Virginia within a 4 hour drive opposed to an all day drive/plane trip. Actually looking forward to 3 days in a car with her chatting away non stop!

  • Had a great service at church.  The youth group did it from start to finish, and , WOW!  They did a fantastic job.  From Is God Real?  and Is the Bible real and relevant? to Are Heaven and hell real?  They put the questions out there and then did the answers.  After their service, they hosted a 'cafe' and  set the hat out, proceeds to go to a missionary in Brazil.  Some of these kids went to Brazil a couple of years ago to work with this missionary.  Our church is not huge but it sure is active.  After that our "small" group met for fellowship.

    Then home and barn chores.  Cal helped.  I had him put Whisper's blanket on her...apparently a first for him with leg straps.  Then had him take her halter off, the right way, by unbuckling it.  She stands perfectly still for all of this and he was favorably impressed with her.  Meanwhile, I was in the next stall putting a blanket a blanket on the new guy.  I had to tie him.  He doesn't mind getting dressed, but he always wants his face between me and what I am doing.  I took his halter off.  Hope it was not a bad idea.  He is easy to catch, just not sure about easy to catch with a halter but he should be fine.

    Still working on a name for him..  He has quite a bit of weight to gain yet, but it should happen.  He will be pretty when he is shed out and has some meat to cover those bones.  Cal noticed that Whisper now looks good.  She needs to finish shedding out but days in the high fifties and nights in the thirties make hanging on to that hair wise.

    Have a super week, all.  Face, have a safe trip.  Prayers sent.