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Friday - messy outside

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Friday - messy outside
  • Not conducive to the drying out of Willow's paddock. I want there yesterday to work with her some. There are 5 horses there and her paddock is by far the worst. The only dry spot is in the run-in. Glad she has that but the rest is sloppy soup. Nasty. I feel bad for her. I was going to work with her there but there was no place to set the grooming box there. Literally standing water and muck. The BO suggested swapping her with another that is in what used to be their riding area. She also suggested throwing some hay. HUH? Throw hay and expect the mare to pay attention to me? So I worked with her and the other girl arrived and told me I should have waited for her to swap paddocks. There was no problem and I was just doing what the BO said. Then other girl throws hay. That pretty much put the kibosh on the training session. Willow jumped the half-down fence and joined the hay party. ugh. At least she was responding to me and she's obviously a smart girl. She pulls away and just uses brute force to avoid anything she doesn't want to do. Her owner refers to skiing behind her as she pulls away - no way to stop her. Also her head needs to come down for bridling. That's what caused her to jump the fence. I got her to drop her head with pressure to the poll a few times then I pulled out the bridle. Buh-bye! Over the fence. At least when I grabbed her halter to lead her back to the mud hole (I felt bad about that), though she balked at first, she complied. I felt like the session ended with me on top after all. (I might be rationalizing.) The other girl told me to put the flat halter back on her and put the chain over her nose. um...no. Her rope halter needs the knots shifted so they put pressure on her nose but I hope she quits the running away trick. Certainly not when I'm working with her running loose in the paddock. I want her to want to. Anyway. Very nice to have a horse to play with. Glad I had the cheap boots in the car. I still need to hose them off.

    Girl is borderline acting up. That's her pattern of behavior. Gotta make her want to be good. :) She has school today. She seems to be doing okay with that but it's hard for her to sustain good behavior. Well, she's never done that so far. The facade is cracking. I'm hoping the best for her.
  • After checking on the cows, we took a run to Fredburg.

    We are teaching the cows to come when we ring a bell. Same as the horses.

    Most people honk their horn to make cows come around here.

    It makes me nuts. You arr snoozing away and the neighbor starts blaring a horn. Seriously!

    We needed feed and diesel. Lunch at the pasta place and a couple groceries.

    I am tired from yesterday but it was a good day. Bad actor was away sick?. And her partner in crime resigned her duties.

    Some changes were forced as a result of our Resource Team meeting. It was not well received by those two. Boo hoo!

    Big horses running away from or over people is very scary.

    I work everyday with Tex at making him back back up and letting me scratch all over him.

    And picking up feet before he goes out from his pen.

    Maybe super scratches and treats with the "head down" and halter before being turned out to get past the running away?

    I hate giving treats or feed for any reason but it sounds like you need to get control of Willow quickly.

    Also make her  back up and flex her head toward you before removing the halter and turning her out?

    I am happy for Dana being able to ride! And Stude got to drive Socks!!

    We have very gusty winds and rain chances starting tomorrow.

    I hope everyone had a happy TGIF!