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Tuesday today

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Tuesday today
  • I'm up and at 'em. About to get ready to make the drive to LI. YAY! I just enjoy going over there, usually. I missed my January trip.

    Went by to see Willow-mare yesterday but couldn't really do anything because I haven't signed the release yet. It didn't come through in email and no one was home. Still she had her halter pulled over one ear which had to be uncomfortable because, with her big head it must have been tight on her throat. I waded through the mud past a really nice chestnut (seemed to be at least 16.2) and fixed her halter. I stayed around for a little bit then got word they were on their way home. By then I decided to call it a day but the cat and I became really good friends. The ducks and chickens were unimpressed once they learned I didn't have food for them.

    Have a great day, all!!
  • Good morning! Windy here!  Supposed to warm up some.  The laminitis pony had x-rays and blood work on Sunday, results today.  Hoping for some good news.  He's not worse, a little better on high dose of bute.  Hoping he isn't too far gone and can be brought back under saddle for his girl.  In the meantime, Spirit is getting exercise  Well, gotta go throw hay into the wind and get to work!

  • My hoof guy, Steve specializes in laminitis, if I remember right. I think he has articles on his web site. I think his farm is Dragonfly Farms and he's a natural trimmer. I think you could find it if you google.

    Got soaked to the skin today working with a contractor. My poor coworker was following me around as I'm running to locate this guy who was meeting me to give me a quote. The place is such a worm wrestle. I still get turned around driving in.

    Anyway, we both agreed to call it a day early. Between the drive in and the soaking, we were wiped. Plus I'm pretty intense when talking about my work and he's my trainee.

    I"ve had spinach/feta on phylo dough and now I have tapioca and cookies. yum. In for the night.

  • Bloodwork  on the pony came back with 0 thyroid !  X-rays not developed yet due to machine broken.    Wind died down, phew!  Thought the boarder's mustang pony was colicking, laying down and I've never seen her do that ever and it was feeding time?  Then she stuck her lip up a couple times.  Checked on her her several times and she seems ok now so maybe just gas.  Night!