I managed a restful day yesterday.
I spent the day preparing the agenda and paperwork for this morning's Resource Manager team meeting.
It was expecting to be a big blow up mess but received a notice from bad actor that she can not attend.
Interesting? Everyone cross your fingers.that maybe she will move on.

Much of my chest congestion is gone. Which is good because Pilot was threatening to take me to urgent care.
A headache, sore throat and some nasal congestion needs to be gone also.

We are getting 3 longhorns delivered to Ever After today.
A grazing lease for our ag exemption. I am sure feed cost will exceed our tax break.

Hunterseat good luck with the draft girl. She is probably good as gold once someone reminds her how to behave.
Dana it looks you had a fun family trip!

Connie what will you do with 3? They all seem to be keepers.

Well wishes for Stide and JMbear

I hope everyone has a manageable Monday!