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Sunday Dark and Early

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Sunday Dark and Early
  • I apologize for another absence. I had to take my laptop back to the shop. Hopefully it's going to do right.

    Girl is up to something, on the phone all night. Thankfully she was quiet so she didn't really keep me up until she started getting ready to leave at 4am. I'm not happy with so many things. Her relapsing isn't going to make life easier. Hopefully she won't be totally stupid. Hard to get past a proven track record.

    SOOOooooo.... not much happening in my life. I haven't heard back from the job in Manhattan that's on hold because - hiring freeze. God might not want me to have that job. My current job is ticking away maddeningly. (wow, I had to wake my brain up to think of that word!). I sometimes say (in describing our line of work) you can hear the back-up horn beeping as the dump truck full of "stuff" gets closer to dump a huge pile on you. Well, at the moment I feel like the dump truck positioned itself and dumped and now I have to figure out how to get to the top of the heap of issues I'm required to manage. Fun, actually but can be exhausting. And you know how it is. 99% of your efforts can be award winning but if one little thing goes south, that's what gets recognized. Sort of. My higher-ups do appreciate me. I can be glad about that! (playing the Pollyanna "glad" game)

    I found a "free lease" in Craigslist. That's sort of scary actually. At least it would be if I was in a less civilized part of the world. But it's a Percheron (black) and she's a sweetheart. The owner is recovering from surgery and wants someone to handle her and ride her - she's hoping to develop some muscle tone on the mare. (yes mare). She's been described as pushy. And she has a bad habit of taking off when you're leading her, I've been told. Well, I went there yesterday. The young lady is 21, surgery was a C-section. Her baby was a couple weeks premature and just got to come home. WOW she seems like a young little thing -and she is. Her husband is totally clueless about horses yet has sat up on her (Willow) bareback with a halter and lead in her paddock and she's walked around nicely with him. She's a previously Amish owned and drives as well as rides. I forgot to ask how old she is. We stood there as she ate and I was standing by her hay. She has no respect for space - or maybe she's forgotten. I backed her up off of me then realized her hay was at my feet so I moved it to her. Felt a teensy bit bad but, looking back, she could have kept coming and knocked me against the wall. I don't need to be the one who moves for her, right? :) They "farm" (farmette) owners were out of releases - that was the first thing I asked them as I waited the 45 minutes for the owner to get there. So they emailed me one which I'll print and sign at work tomorrow. The place she boards is just under 5 acres and they have 5 horses in decent sized paddocks. Right now it's a mudhole, exactly what my place would be if I had Zag here. They're clearing an area for an arena, since they have a boarder in the area they used to use. They do lessons there, too. They seem okay. The horses get fed 3 times a day and all look to be in good health. Willow certainly has a good weight on her. The others were blanketed. So that's exciting. I hope she takes the cl ad down. I will do a little ground work with her but I really do think she wants me to ride her so I will. I don't think she likes being tied and that needs to be worked on, too. I'm going to get one of those Clinton Anderson (I think that's the trainer) things that can be a great help teaching them not to panic and pull back. This girl will tear a fence down. Actually I think she has. The vet came out and she fled. That's not good. Hopefully I can at least start her in the right direction.

    Well, that turned out to be longer than I thought. Tea and buttered toast with cinnamon and honey. :) yum. There's plenty more! Enjoy your Sunday! (still dark here)
  • Caught up on all of Hunter's catching up posts.

    Thanks for the advice, Stude.  I pretty much figured that was the route to go with her but it is nice to have confirmation from an arab person.  She actually looks at me with trust.  The ears the were never forward went from back to one forward, one back, to both forward with interest.  She is making her peace with the new guy but does not like me giving him pets, treats, feed, attention in general.  Skidder seems to think having another guy around is okay.

    Hunter, when someone you care about and share living quarters with doens't have your back it is like living in an enemy camp.  Not pleasant and I can see where a job that required you to live farther away most of the time would be desirable.  Sure wish you could get a position at Griffiss or Drum.  Plenty of horses to ride in the Drum area and I am in the Griffiss area and there are a lot of horses around here, too.

    Well, the morning is progressing and I need to get ready for Church.

    Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday.