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Much anticipated Thursday

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Much anticipated Thursday
  • The new horse arrived shortly after lunch.  He is RED.  No white.  The seller offered to come back another time and ride him if I felt hesitant.  He is a bit forward on the ground but listens and acts like he will get over it.  Not in good rig, but thin, not skinny.  No name yet.  The other two didn't attempt to break down the adjoining walls so that is a plus.

    I was worried he might not like our water but I went back over around seven and he was out of water and still eating.  He was in a group setting at the dealer's and acts like he may not have gotten all of the hay he wanted.  So, I watered up and hayed up and all seems well.  Came back over and repaired the blanket I got for him.  It was clean, used, a weatherbetta, and only needed a metal piece to receive the belly strap...I had one and tried my yard sale sewing machine...not thrilled with the machine, but it worked and that is the main thing.  Cal was disappointed that I had put a dirty blanket on him.  At least he has one on.

    Not as pretty as Whisper, but he has the longest forelock I have ever had on a horse of mine.  Long mane, too.  Need to work on his dredlocks.

    the new boy.

  • Speaking of Dreads, or Witch's knots, etc... I used to use a lanolin based product that isn't any longer available.  Besides, the stuff was a dirt magnet and made a mess out of the horse's mane and tail if I left it in even over night.  Another thing I used was ShowSheen, but it dried out the hair and I would wash immediately with conditioner as soon as it was detangled.  Currently I use a product from Straight Arrow.  It works even better than Show Sheen, however doesn't dry out the horse's hair so badly.  Still I like to comb in a conditioner after I'm done, just in case.  

    What do you use?

  • I thought I posted here.  It disappeared.  I use fingers and conditioner for those nasty mane twirled knots.  For burdock, show sheen, conditioner, even hoof grease works.  Hunter said to try a product for Nappy Hair.  I assume in the hair care department of the store or in a beauty supply place.  Did not know that Show sheen dried the hair out.

  • Or WD-40. :)

  • I love the Vetrolin detangler.