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Wednesday what's up?

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Wednesday what's up?
  • Two purple iris came up and bloomed. Then something came and ate them overnight. :(
    At least I got to enjoy them for a day.
    Hummingbirds are back and a multitude of butterflies.

    Today is a brush clearing day. It won't be fun but we need to remove the greenbriar and some brush from the turnaround of the drive.

    I seem to have gotten a head cold. yuck! A decongestant will hopefully get me through the day.

    An update on our Harper friends.
    Friday, March 17th.
    Richard and Shirlene are doing well,. They both stay very busy with the various therapies they go through most every day. While they are not Facebook users, they are aware of this page, and are humbled by the amount of prayers and well wishes. There is still a long way to go with recovery.

    I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!
  • Sorry DH but I got a picture in my mind of your Iris coming up, the stem growing till the flower bud is exposed and beautifully opens and then.... MUNCH!!  All with the goofy pastoral music used by the Loony Tunes so often.

    Yyyaaaahhh, da, da, da-da, da, dahhhh...  da, da, da-da, da, dahhhh... 

    queue flower opening beautifully, blowing gently in the breeze...

    Yyyaah, da, da, da, da-da, dahhh... da, da, diddly-dah, da,  MUNCH!

    Yes, I watched wayyyy... too many cartoons as a child...

  • If all goes according to plan, there will be another horse in the barn this time tomorrow.  This one is coming from a dealer.  He came to her in poor condition (a trade in) and got worse.  She has him gaining and looking so much better.  She wants him out.  She reduced  the price to the point  we said we want him.  Her delivery charge is so low, she is bringing him, too...it would barely cover the gas for us and we would have to shovel out the truck and trailer.  I saw where she got him, a low ceiling barn full of rabbits and chickens, a small stall and no hay in sight.

    Hope to get pics  tomorrow.  Another project.  I actually like projects.

  • Good evening.  Having a much better week.  My cough is almost gone, ribs doing so much better.  Life is so much better when you feel good  Got a little rain yesterday and today so have Penny and the pony with laminitis in the barn.  Had the remaining 26 stall mats delivered Monday and the neighboring teenage boy drug them into the stalls.  He thought I was kidding when I said they were heavy..... Penny's leg is almost all scabbed up and I put her out in the pasture for the first time and she did lots of moving because just moving over out of her corral on the other side of the fence still next to the same neighbor's had her worked up and trotting up and down the fence line on a slight incline. Tonight the 3/4" swelling under the top laceration is almost gone!  Rode for the first time since my injury!  Got Spirit out and plunked around bareback in the new arena for the first time  He's been getting ridden almost everyday by the girl with the laminitis pony.  Yesterday was Kelly's 21st birthday!  Went out to eat at her favorite Chinese place with gluten free options so tonight I made her the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting she had asked for.  Mmmmm, This weekend we are flying to Las Vegas to celebrate with all 3 girls  Going to see Cirque de Soleil's Michael Jackson show while the girls are at a concert  Kelly wanted.

    Stude- hope you are feeling better.  The deal without my boarder is she won't leave..... she's only owe she me $40 right now.  She's been better about paying since I gave her 30 days' notice which was in December but she is just ignoring me and comes when I'm not here..... she left her kids here with no adult supervision from 1-6:30 last Sunday while we were up in Big Bear.... found out from one of the other boarders..... how to evict her is the issue.  I can't just kick the mare out.  What to do....  she's very passive aggressive.  She knows I'll take care of the mare.....

    Hunter-glad your eyes getting a little break from the drama.  Your dinner sounds good  The situation with that horse sounds crazym

    Connie-a new horse?  For you, Cal?  Lucky horse!

    DH- sorry about your Iris..... didn't know they were edible.  Glad the Harper friends are progressing.

  • The past week has been crazy.

    Last Wed: Call that my Father's passing was imminent. Was going to wait to visit him Thursday but decided not to wait, good choice.

    He Passed Thursday morning. VA son arrives.

    GA son proposed Friday night.  

    Saturday - Family party to celebrate my father. My Father attended in his little ash box. Surprised at how heavy he was.

    Sunday - Engagement party for GA son at girl's parents house

    Monday - GA son interviews with company in SC to move back home because of girl.

    We use o have a bunch of roses in a really nice spot by the road. We would see all these buds and as soon as they opened, MUNCH.

  • Just to clarify, the dealer, gaited only, had a TWH mare, fat but in her late teens.  A woman had a gaited gelding she said she rescued from a big weekly sale in PA.  She messed her wrist up and decided she wanted an older horse.  They worked out a trade.  The mare was fat , gelding not.  I went and saw the mare Sunday, not knowing this story.  The barn was low ceilinged, dark, smelly and chickens were all over the place doing their chicken thing.  No hay in the mare's stall.  Standing on her toes.  Stocked up legs, all four, ribbby.  Dull eyes.  Very low backed.  Not at all like the pictures when she got her.  The gelding went to the gaited dealer thin.  He got much thinner.  She had the vet and eventually the horse started to improve.  His weight gain in just two months shows he has been getting good care.  When the dealer told me she got him on a local trade I asked the right questions and knew just where he came from.

    I did not go and try him.  It was cold and I am trusting that the dealer is being honest with me in that he does ride, is comfortable and has not tried to buck.  She says he pins his ears when fed but so does Whisper.  I use over the stall gate feeders so I feed without going in the stall.

    So, it is morning now and I am looking forward to meeting the new horse.  Having seen where he came from I can understand better why he went downhill so fast.  He is 6/7 and I anticipate him continuing to gain and thrive.

    Cal encouraged me to get another horse.  Has been encouraging me a lot lately.  I finally asked him if it is because he wants Whisper or if he wants the stalls filled so someone we know who inserts herself and her will into the lives of others can not fill that empty stall for us.  His answer was that both were good reasons.  So, it sounds like I will at least get to ride the new boy.

    Hoping the  arrival goes well with him.  Also hoping the barn survives two spoiled brats meeting their new barn mate.

  • I have two words for you Dana; Animal Control.  Report the horse as abandoned and insist Animal Control take the horse.  Drop him off there yourself.  Another thing you can do is give the free-loader  ten days and then you will do this.  Legally, since the owner hasn't paid her board, the horse is now your property and you can do this.  If she is doing things like leaving her children to run around your property unattended whilst you are gone, the liability alone should persuade you to crack down on this freeloader.  I would also put in the notice that her children are no longer welcome on the property and you will call the sheriff is they show up again.  You really must protect yourself from unscrupulous people like this.

    Then again the above is my opinion and my mother used to tell me that opinions are why we wear undies.  They're just something that is inappropriate in public.  Your place, your call.  I'd just hate to see you taken advantage of by someone like this.