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Friday fruit-loops!

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Friday fruit-loops!
  • WOW it's nice to be off.  I've got to get on the road to the Mazda dealership.  They're going to do a complete diagnostic on my car and tell me what's going on with it.  The check engine light has been on for some time and I really want to get it straight to make the trip to NH.  A rental is around $600 and I figure I can get mine right for less than that and will have a good car when the trip's over.  And save all that travel money! [:)]  Anyway, they're just troubleshooting today and I can make the repairs myself, hopefully or with my son's help.
    I have every kind of cereal in my cupboard!  Help yourself!  I just had the crunch flakey kind with the strawberries......
  • Hunter  hopefully it is just an oxygen sensor  or something like that.
    that will not cost to much.
    raining here again this morning.   farmers are behind getting the  first cutting of hay
    it is one of those sit back and relax days here.
    Hope everybody enjoys the holiday weekend.
  • Morning Hunter and Second!  Your trip is coming right up and I'm sure it will be great!
    We got back yesterday evening.  Had a wonderful time.  Matthew loved it and I am still getting sand out of his shoes and cloths.  My little brother enjoyed himself too and when I asked if he wanted to come with us next year I didn't even get the sentence finished when he answered a big yes. 
    Have some great pics but just havn't had the go power to get them downloaded yet.  I'll get those this afternoon.  Today is still cool and sunny, just heavenly and I don't think that we have a thing planed.  Take it easy and relaxe is my plan.
  • Morning.
    Hunt- Get that car fixed so we can meet at the end of the month.
    Second- Rain here again today is really messing up the hay crop too.  I am happy I am at the top of my guys list so I know I am set.
    Trainer- Glad your trip went well, can't wait to hear all about it.
    Made it through the funeral yesterday.  I spoke, cried and laughed so it went well.  Then 1/2 the family that gets along went out to eat last night and the restaurant was very accomdating to us.  The food was GREAT!!!  I had Chicken Oscar and loved every bite.
    I go to the chiro's today and then grocery shopping.  Then finish cleaning the house to get ready for tomorrow.
    Have a great day everyone one.  I just have my coffee and smoothie to share.
  • Good Morning!

    Awww, Froot Loops sound so good! But its just regular cereal or breakfast burritos around here.

    It is raining! Good thing we unloaded the hay last night. Was debating and decided to get it done with. Glad I did! They were nice heavy bales so hubby felt sorry for me and came out to help.

    Good lesson learned yesterday...listen to your horse! K had just finished saddling and bridling Blake and couldn't figure out why he was nervous. Turns out he had been watching a rattle snake slither its way toward us. We removed the two horses on that side of the trailer and got Dad to come deal with the snake. In the mean time I put the two who weren't saddled back into the paddock and watched the girls. Their horses were excellent when the shots from the snake gun rang out (I made them get off just incase). The Girls jumped more than the horses did!

    I guess we're cleaning house today and waiting for the vet to come out to do coggins and a rabies shot for the dog. NM has two cases of vesticular stomatitis  reported so will need to get health inspections closer to travel. Grrr.

    Have a great day!

  • Morning all.

    Hunter I hear you on the check engine lights. I have them on both both veachals. I first had problems when I took it to to Houston. Broke down in the middle of the city. ( did I tell you all this?) I limped into an auto zone, they locked my keys in the car, and sent me to a nice guy, but who didn't speak any english. We had a horrible time comunicating and in the end it wasn't really fixed.That cost $250. but I made it home. I brought it home took it to the mechanic he said it was fixed. That cost me $350, and it still isn't fixed. My sister took it in to firestones yesterday. They charged her $200 just to diagnose what "they" think is wrong. And the work is going to cost me $600.,,, pulling hair out... car problems is the only thing I don't feel comfortable doing with Chip is gone. And chip is having heart attacks over there watching me take care of this. He wants me to WAIT!!! until he gets home in March to have it fixed. Duh buddy I can't! It just makes me sick in the belly. Hunter, I'm glad you have people you trust who can work on cars. Hopefully it is way less than the $600.

    My sister is taking the girls to 6 flags today. I wish the where going to Sea World. I have a pass there. But they want to go to 6 flags. I'm not going because we expect a birth this weekend and because I don't ride the rides. I'm not paying to get in just to sit around.

    Trainer, welcome back. Sounds like you had a good time. Looking forward to pictures.
    Tonya, I'm glad everything went well. A good cry is always a good thing. Hugs.

    Its says it's going to be 100 today. but everyday it has been much hotter than they forecast. 
  • Shiver up here auto zone will us the hand held computer reading
    machine and find out what codes are stored in the car computer
    then tell you what the codes mean.
    most of the time when the engine light comes on and stays on the car
    is still drivable.   It is mostly something wrong with the polution controls.  Now if it starts flashing,  you need to stop and have it  looked at.
    Also my son in law (a mechanic)  told me the manufactures have a built in milage
    limit that sets it off too.   Figuring you will make a trip to a dealer to have it checked
    unhooking the Positive battery cable for a couple of minutes resets the computer
    and turns off the light,   then if it comes back on when operating the vehicle
    it registered a code again.
  • good morning! i dont have to work today!! lol we are putting in sprinklers today though so i guess thats kind of work lol
    im having alphabets this morning....OH with the cat! [>:][:'(] ah well...ill get another bowl lol thats about it today sprinklers whoohoo! not lol not gonna ride toady its too hot already 
    everyone have a great day!! 
  • tlp, when you get finished at your house can you help me put sprinklers in at MY house? [':)']  That would be so cool to have!  I want a water cannon and put it on a timer so it goes off in the pasture periodically.  I bet the horses would play in it!
    I've had the codes read and, at first, it was the O2 sensor.  I replaced them.  But there was something else wrong, too, and it was causing a cylinder to misfire.  After plugs, wires, checking for vacuum leaks, etc, we really couldn't go any further.  I'm sort of particular who touches my vehicle so I just got Mazda to diagnose for a hundred minus my military discount.  Many of those codes are general and will say "it COULD be this or that or the other" but there's still troubleshooting involved.  So I have a bad contact to my ignition coil and might even need a new coil.  Not too bad.  I can get one at Auto Zone for $45 or I can get them to change it for me at Mazda for $350.   Hmmmm.... I'm still trying to decide. [';)']
    Cow Pie Girls!!!  Watch out for rattlesnakes!!!  Give that pony some extra carrots!!!  (and I'm still looking for pictures, CPM!)  btw, how are YOUR lessons coming along? [8|]
    OH when I got back I parked the Mazda down at the pasture and rode Zag home bareback! [':D']  I love him SO much!  I'm thinking I'll work him in the yard over trot poles some.  It's really nice here today.  Not nearly as hot.
  • Hey morning guys!
    Check out my thread you'll know what's happening with me.
    Finally got the boots! YAY for Cowboy!
    hunt- hope all goes well
    second-know how ya feel.this year is going okish
    Trainer-hurry up i wanna see!
    Well my mom who is HIGHLY alergic  to wasp,bees,horseflys,sketers ect.
    She just got sung by a red wasp my dad is in call -he is a cop- and he's about to take her to one of the EMT's. -sigh- this happen with a SWEAT BEE  before so OH MY GOD with a wasp.
  • Good morning.  Woke up to the worst invasion of ants in the kitchen I've ever seen!!  The pest guy was just here 2 weeks ago.  I called in and left a desperate message but haven't heard and I'm assuming they're off for the holiday so I've been cleaning and wiping everything with lemon oil which they don't seem to like.  Highways of them across the floor to the dog food, pantry, island with cookies on it, trash can, Agggghhhhhh!!  And, of course we have people coming by to look at the house......at least it's not until later this afternoon so hopefully I'll have them under control.  Went outside and found one spot where they were coming in and sprayed that really good.  Sigh...... the heat brings them out.
    Went to a wonderful concert under the stars in our National Cemetery last night, great music by our local philharmonic, picnics, good company and fireworks.
    Our Pony Club girl made it through her surgery yesterday and is being kept in a sedated state for now due to pain and such, poor kiddo......  Keep her in your thoughts.
    Just cleaning around here and maybe doing a little shopping for the girls.  They are hitting that growth spurt at 11 and 13 and need new clothes plus we need stuff for our trip in a couple weeks.  Next week I'll be part of a jury for 5 days so won't have time then.
  • [quote=danastark]

    Our Pony Club girl made it through her surgery yesterday and is being kept in a sedated state for now due to pain and such, poor kiddo......  Keep her in your thoughts.

    How old is she? and what happened?
  • She's 12 yrs. old, congenital malformation where your spine enters your skull.  Had to have bone removed as it was pinching her spinal cord.  Scary stuff but she's hanging in there.  Great family ':)'  She was in surgery from about noon until 6:30 yesterday so lots of anesthesia to get out of her system, poor thing.  They were keeping her awake all night to check on her neurological function but now they're letting her have some sedated bliss ':)'  She won't get to ride all summer ':(' but eventually she'll be back in the saddle!!
  • One of our Pony Club kids is having surgery on her skull/spine this morning for a congenital defect.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  She's a fantastic kid, super family.

    From yesterday's thread.
    Why aren't you playing outside, young lady.  I just got in and am all sweaty. I'm going to kick back with my book here directly.  I rode Zag in the yard a bit and he was trotting SOOO well!!!  I know it's hard to understand getting excited about a horse FINALLY trotting but he's been trained NOT to trot, but to pace.  We got a good couple of times around the yard at a trot!  I put my round pen posts (which are still waiting to be set) out as trot poles.  He's getting the hang of it.  He has a very nice trot!!  BIG and SPRINGY! I can't wait to get him to the trainers!!!  She's going to love him!  OH then he wanted to get out of the yard so we rode down the road and up the road and across the way and through a gulley and back to the pasture where Bully was waiting patiently.  I untacked him, loaded the car and drove home!
    OH, I have a bad tire on my trailer.  I'm so glad I got a good spare.  I'll swap it out so I can go on the trail ride tomorrow.  Those are my plans, anyway.  I guess I'll get a new tire every payday and one day the trailer tires will be all good! 
  • -cries- thats sooooo horrible. I hope she is ok!