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Stuffy Sunday

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Stuffy Sunday
  • I have a terrible head cold. yuck.

    I did manage to get both Tex and Chica's feet done on Friday.

    Some salvia transplants did get moved.
    Now hoping they survive the heat we are supposed to have this week.

    I also dug up some Laurel seedlings.
    They are in pots to see if they will thrive.

    I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

  • The weather here in Oak Run is lovely.  Low eighties as a high for only about an hour or two.  The rest of the day in the mid seventies.  LOVE this!  Looks like most of the lettuce isn't going to be viable.  Just this mild weather seems too warm for it.  About the only thing that survives here is Romaine.  I detest Romaine.  Everything else is going along nicely.

  • I don't like romaine either.

    I didn't get lettuce in early enough and its 90's here already.

    Maybe I'll try a shaded spot.

  • We had frost right up to the first week of May.  Hence I'm late again this year.  Add to that all the delays... Well, and George.  Still a few boxes to build here in Oak Run and the first try in Fawn Lodge to dismantle.  Some days the sheer volume of what needs moving is a bit overwhelming.  One. Step. at. a. time...

    The Tomatoes are up finally.  The lettuce is as well, however it's a bit leggy and I haven't been able to get the stuff to harden properly.  Seems to just frizzle in any sun at all.  I love Radishes!  The ultimate instant gratification veggie! #;~D  They're looking great.  As are the Tomatoes from Home Depot,  Two of the barrels in front of the Porch look great!  In the other three are the H.D. tomatoes and nothing I seeded those pots came up,  However the main act in those is doing so well, no complaints.  Jmebear was delighted to see her Butternut Squash come up nicely.  Since they are the seeds from store veggies, we shall see if they bred true or were hybrids.  We're hoping for the former, that they were a heritage-type.  They're in the ground and looking great!  Still have an area about ten feet square to weed around the roses under Jmebear's window.  Bloody things are over three feet tall!   Never can seem to get to weeding till late in the day and the afternoon sun just knackers me in short order!  But I have kept at it and well over half is out of the way.  The hard part is coming up though,

    All the rain we had has produced beautiful grass this year.  The horses are already fat and can't wait to get out on it every day,  Saves us on hay, that's for sure and certain!  I have to get a hot wire up along the road.  That fence wasn't stretched properly and the horses have been leaning over it to get that tasty stuff juuuuust out of reach!   Silly boys!  There has been a problem with thieves here in Oak Run, so I have to put the fence charger up against the house to discourage theft of it. 

    The neighbor lost a Jeep CJ and a Mule (ATV), that is to say they were stolen.  Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!  He's the one that has been harassing Jmebear.  Still, no matter how deserved, it's bad news for the rest of us and we're particularly vulnerable,  Especially since we're slap-dash on the main road.  VERY glad I was able to talk Jmebear into letting me put up all that fencing and gates. 

    Well, wasting the day away sitting here on my duff,  Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday and a great week to come!