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Saturday Cleanup

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Saturday Cleanup
  • We begin trail cleanup after the Thursday morning storm. From I have seen so far all trails have issues.

    Friday afternoon it was confirmed there was a tornado, actuall 3 in the area. The one near us was an EF 1 with 100 MPH winds. It was traveling in our direction and where it ended was less than 3 miles from the barn. If what was left of it continued on the same path it pretty much crossed over us. Huge tree came down and landed in the Upper Pasture, we had just moved horses out of that pasture 2 days prior to the storm. 

    All 4 pastures sustained so damage.

  • Sorry for the work Face but so glad you lucked out.

    Hopefully you can use some firewood.

    We still have a lot left from "snow-vid".

    Clean up where necessary and where most visible.

    It won't ever get done unless 10 clones of me showed up.

  • Years ago Jmebear experienced quite a blow pass over her place.  One of the neighbor's oaks blew down  into her mini's paddock.  She came out to find no minis anywhere and was terrified they had been crushed by the falling tree.  She opened a gate to pass through the barn and suddenly all their heads poked out of the foliage and looked at her.  They all popped out of sight and Jmebear noticed the tree shivering and shifting about.  The little mares were having a blast climbing about in the wreckage of the tree eating the leaves and acorns.

    Another time, she heard a loud noise, kind of like a thump whilst also feeling the house move about a bit from a heavy wind passing over.  Her cart shed was a heavy tin building that was secured to the ground with long stakes.  It had been picked up , flipped upside down and deposited in the same paddock.  This time she could see the mares, having taken refuge in the barn, poking their heads out briefly and snorting at the great, huge monster which had lept into their paddock!

    Oak Run  experiences wind storms on a regular basis.  We have had a lot of interesting experiences from this kind of thing.

  • Main trails around barn are back open. Have yet to totally scout the trails on our property, though we have at least two issues.

    It will be a LONG time before the Upper Pasture can have horses again. Multiple huge trees fell from the outside of the pasture and landed in it. Our best trail is up there and there are a couple areas we will never be able to clean up, though I already scoped out alternate routes which won't be a lot of work.