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Thursday Thick

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Thursday Thick
  • It has been sooo humid for a few days.
    Unusual her and I hate it.
    I feel like I'm melting.
    Temps thankfully should cool for the weekend.

    Tomatoes are doing great.
    I pruned the suckers and many already have tomatoes.
    Peppers seem to be spindly.
    Fertilizer may be in order.

    Maybe a ride if weather cooperates.
    I hope everyone has been safe from the storms.

    Have a great day!

  • What do you use for fertilizer DH?

    I broke down and bought tomato plants this year.  My seeds are not sprouting yet.  It has just been too cold.  So I brought them into the house and imposed them on Jmebear's sewing room window.  Hopefully they'll be happier there.

    Everything else is doing well.  What I have been able to get in anyway.  Still haven't gotten the planter boxes going in Oak Run yet.  the weeding is going slowly.

    Finally wrapping my head around George's death.  His family has already told me I have to be out.  They have given me a generous time to do so.  Of course, no mention of the large debit George owed me.  Likely 40k down a rat hole.

    Spent the money on a new computer and TV.  Took me several days to get the computer working right.  Still on the learning curve with this one.  No access so far with Task Manager.  I don't like that...

    Well, I hope everyone has a great day and Friday too!


  • Stude - Sorry seeing about George.

    Try this to get to Task Manager Ctrl+Shift+Escape

    Wicked storm came thru early Thursday morning. Phones went off with Tornado Warning around 3 AM. Lost power. Horses were fine, that was my first adventure when the sun rose.

    I think we had a microburst between the road and the front pasture, which is all woods. Tree carnage all over in one area. No full trees, just massive amounts of limbs and no ryhme or reason to the debri. All horse trails will have to be walked and cleaned up.