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Sad Sunday

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Sad Sunday
  • My long-time roommate George died this past week.  I'm still conflicted as to what I feel about it.  That is to say my feelings are rather numb as it hasn't settled in yet.  George was sick for a week or so with what Dave thought was the flu.  He seemed to get over it and was moving about.  When I was there about ten days ago, George was getting around and seeing to his (semi) truck.  Around Tuesday Dave called me and said he had found George out in the yard, face down, and quite dead.  He called the Sheriff and Russ, George's brother.  He was only forty-eight.  Still trying to wrap my head around this...

    The weather is beautiful.  We got a day or two of misty, then heavy rain on Thursday and Friday.  Saturday was beautiful and today looks to be the same.  Temps have been cool.

    The horses have been loving the new grass everywhere.  Our usual arena full of Chamomile is doing well.  It should flower in another few weeks.  It's usually beautiful with all the tiny daises in the middle of May.  There's some close to the house in the Dog's yard that's almost six feet tall!

    I have to return to Fawn Lodge next week and deal with what's going on there.

    I hope the coming week is a good one for everyone around here.

  • Stude So sorry to hear about your friend.

    Sudden is always so difficult.

    I love chamomile but have not yet been able to start any.

    I wish I could do it on our walkway but the heat in that area is extreme.

  • Sow the Chamomile in fall.  It may work better that way.  It gets well over a hundred here and the Chamomile is thriving in one of the most brutally exposed areas on the property.