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So Windy Sunday

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So Windy Sunday
  • Yuck weather.
    Other than horse chores we vacuumed the house.

    I did some watering and transplanting yesterday.
    One mulberry and several salvia gregeii.
    Three more mulberries need a home and there are more salvias.
    Waiting for more salvias to bloom so I can find a red one to replace one on the walkway.

    Hoping for rain tonight.

    Everyone have a great week!
  • Our first hummer arrived Sunday.  Sunday was a beautiful day and we had a nice ride on Fancy and Apache. First 10 round bales of 20 delivered yesterday for our Spring delivery. The remaining 10 come today. Have to use two suppliers, one in the Fall and someone different in the Spring. I prefer the Fall guy, he had stated getting hay from him in the Spring would not be a problem this year, well, it was, and he is out.  This time of year have to take what we can get.