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Spring has Sprung

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Spring has Sprung
  • 1st Day of Spring. 

    I see DaneHaven has seen Hummers. I put my feeders out the 1st day of Spring and the 1st wave will appear within days. I cleaned the feeders real good last weekend so they are ready.

    We are expecting an estimate for a new little barn any day now. We need to divorce ourselves from the family acorss the street. Research Covert Narcissist and that will give you a good picture of the new Brother-in-Law and what we deal with on a daily basis. It is so bad that we have discussed the possibility of selling Fancy and Apache. However, we made a committment when we got them that it was for LIFE. Fancy and Apache will be the end of our horse years, we want to enjoy these years and our retirement without the stress and daily drama. We all moved to the "family" barn to get away from Barn Drama.

  • I'm going to tag onto your conversation here Face.  Hope you don't mind.  One could say it's spring related.

    Socks is fat.  A good sign that the weather isn't so cold now.  Every winter he drops weight and I have to up his feed ration.  Well, he certainly doesn't need it now!

    Raven is finally showing a normal level of condition and weight.  Still having trouble with her feet, however doing much better than this winter.  I have heard about another supplement that sounds... promising.  I would love to have her driving this summer.  It will be so much better for her.  It would be nice to attempt tandem with she and Louie.  That way she gets worked without having to handle the weight of the cart and my fat butt.

    I rooted Rose cuttings out in the garden in the last two rain cycles.  Looks like the vast majority of them have taken off!  Woo Hoo! #:~D  We have to be careful to pinch any flowers off this year, however they seem to be doing well.  I have a lot of work to do in that garden getting rid of the usual grass that comes up in there.  Regardless, I will be turning that garden under in the next few weeks and planting annual seeds.  With a little luck, the front garden should be beautiful this year.  There should be about fifteen hundred feet of frontage covered with wild flowers, Calendula, and Zinnias.  If we're lucky anyway...

    Hope everyone has a great day!  #;~)

  • We just finished an interesting project. Our property has fox holes. During the Korean War paratroopers would practice in this area and dig fox holes. The plumber who built our hourse would watch them as they parachuted in when he was a kid.

    Years ago we turned one into a pond with a little waterfalll. I had 10,000 gallons an hour pumps for the waterfall. It was really neat. Had some fish in there and then bull frogs moved in. Anyway, the pumps were expensive and would only last two years. Got tired of buying new pumps. So let it go. Watersnake moved in and ate all the fish and frogs. We dismantled it, there was a liner in it, and dumped 4 tractor scoops of horse manurer in it to build it up. Through a bunch of flower seeds it.  Shall see what happens.