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Sad, sad Sunday

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Sad, sad Sunday
  • All of my Tulips are frozen solid.  I hope they'll recover, but have my doubts at this point.  Switched out my Hyacinths last night and about an hour later found a Bumble Bee had hitched a ride with them.  Evicted him/her immediately.  I hope my tulips survive.  It's a winter wonderland out there.


  • Sorry Stude.

    I hope they survive for you.

    i have never been lucky with bulbs or tubers fro that matter.

    When my mom passed she had a huge collection of different iris.

    Dug them all up brought to Texas and not a single one survived.

    I have since been given more and still only managed 1 or 2 flowers.

    This year the deer ate them so I will concede.