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Apache - Stall Destroyer

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Apache - Stall Destroyer
  • Our barn stall lineup has pretty much always been boy-girl-boy..... Seemed to work. However, Spirit (girl) aggravates Apche (boy) big time. Discovered Saturday that he has kicked and split a board between their stalls. Fancy (girl) is on the other side of Apache and no kick marks.

    Did a temp reinforcement of the busted stall board. Moved these three horses around. Apache on an end, then Fancy and then Spirit. Starr and Riyala T are staying put. So now we have two girls next to each other, which has not worked in the past, keeping fingers crossed. 

    So if this doesn't work, we have an unused birthing stall which we use for storage. We will set it up for Apache and he will have no horses next to him. 

  • I used to have a grade mare who could chew her way out of a stall in a single night!  She chewed her way all the way through the barn in about a week.  Creosote was just tabasco sauce to her.  The only way to stop Ginger from chewing her way to freedom was wrapping the panels in heavy wire.