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Thursday That Hurt

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Thursday That Hurt
  • I had another epidural yesterday.
    This time it hurt.
    Iced it most of the afternoon and evening.
    Awoke at 1am and iced it more.
    Much better this morning but ice now.

    I will take it easy today.
    Rain chances all weekend so probably won't.ride.

    I hope you all have a nice weekend.
  • You had a Thor Thursday?  Sorry it hurt (sorry, that joke was almost as painful as your condition <cringe, rolleyes>).  Out of pure nosiness, was this from a medical procedure or an injury?  I have a similar condition in my legs and sympathize.

    In Fawn Lodge with beautiful blue skies decorated by fluffy white clouds.  Here to work on Old Bess.

  • Yes Stude very thor this morning as well.

    Chronic regional pain syndrome. (craps) used to be called sympathetic dystrophy.

    Right arm and shoulder, now also arthritis in my neck.

    Was getting so bad that we scheduled carpal surgery for relief.

    My pain Dr. (literal lifesaver) wanted to try steroid in my hand and then epidural at C7 and T1.

    It took awhile but results have been miraculous. Surgery cancelled.

    The first epidural was a piece of cake. This one much rougher.

    Hoping to be able to reduce gabepentin dosage.

    It makes my memory foggy and messes with my eyesight and hearing.

    Hoping to get off it completely but is a step down process.

    I am sorry for your pain issues, I also have suffered from migraines.

    Pain is not fun.

  • Gosh, makes my back and joint issues look like me being a pansy.  Jmebear has the same problems with Gabapentin.  My doctor offered it to me and I refused, because of what it has done to her.  I just keep on poisoning my liver with Naproxin...  

    Hopefully this treatment is successful with your condition long term.  Also hope you are feeling better today.

    Lovely blue skies with fluffy whipped cream clouds again today.  Making progress with the greenhouse finally.

    Hope everyone around here has a great weekend!

  • Stude I really doubt you are a pansy.

    The gabepetin side effects are a trade off for less pain?

    Dr. has always let me control the dosage, and I can start weaning lower but that seems like such a big step.

    His otc choice is naproxen. "if you are going to do something dumb take aleve."

    But now has become very cautionary and saying find some natural way to reduce inflammation, cucurmin etc.

    Give my best to Jmebear.

    We got an inch of rain!!!!!

  • I must be pretty dumb because I take Aleve on a regular basis!  #;~D) My doctor prescribed Naproxen until the blood clots in my leg and she prescribed blood thinners.  Have been off the 'thinners for several years and went back to Naproxen, over the counter as she refuses to prescribe it now.  Not using as much as I did ten or fifteen years ago though.  Simvastatin did a number on me.

    I hope today is a better day for you.  

    Oh, Jmebear gets all the new posts in her mailbox.  She's one of our silent followers.  But I'll pass on your regards nevertheless.

    Back to work on the Greenhouse today.  Kind of running up against a problem with lack of materials though.  Will need to do a run to Home Depot for lumber next week.  Just looking forward to having this done.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!