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Sunday Slightly

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Sunday Slightly
  • wet.
    We finally got rain.
    A whopping inch over nearly a week.

    The horses have been staying in longer.
    There isn't any thing to eat in the pasture.
    So they don't seem to mind. They have been coming in on their own earlier.

    Hoping that inch of rain is a mighty one to get things greening again.

    Good to see you Stude.
    I hope my horses are as good as Socks when I get to ride again.

    I hope it is a good upcoming week for everyone.
  • Well, an inch over several days is far better than an inch in one day.  That way there is very little runoff and less evaporation.  A win-win situation! #;~D

    What a huge difference in my tomatoes and peppers!  Well, now I know what to do for next summer. #;~)

    A touch humid today.  There's a fire over in Hayfork (about thirty miles as the crow flies).  The humidity will help with that.  A touch smokey too.  Saw it this morning coming around the gap a mile or so away.  Actually I think the fire's more like fifteen miles away though.  It's along Hwy 3 the other side of Douglas City, I think.  Officially Hayfork, but really more like D.C. 

    Well, I need to get back to work on the Studebaker.  Hope everyone has a great day!