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Tuesday Total
  • 9 and 3/4 inches of rain so far this year.
    We did get 1/4 inch the other day. Need more soon while it is still warm enough for grass to grow.

    I have Dr. appts today and tomorrow. Just follow ups.

    Tomorrow is a blue moon.
    I hope it brings something good.

    Everyone have a nice week.
  • Supposed to rain here on Friday or Saturday.  Hopefully it will knock down all these fires.  The temps have been much more agreeable here in the Real Northern California.  My Peppers and Tomatoes are MUCH happier!  So far, the raised garden experiment has been quite the success!  Very happy with how things have gone.  I put a little too much in there, but no complaints.

    Tractor is back to work in Oak Run.  Removed a major portion of Bandini Mountain from behind the barn.  Hope to do more next week.  Have to figure out which line is actually leaking and replace it.

    I hope everyone else has blue instead of brown skies like we have here in Fawn Lodge.  Have a great weekend!

  • Well, it has been downpours for the past four hours!  Hopefully it will knock down all those fires around Northern California.  It's REALLY coming down at the moment.  Sounds like gravel falling on the roof and there isn't even any hail.

    Was going to TSC today, but not now.  Will wait for tomorrow.  

    More seeds in the mail yesterday.  So looking forward to my garden this fall and next spring.  Problems with new neighbor being hammered out (I hope).  He really is a deceitful creep.  I hope to replace the water line in October and bury it this time... I hope.

    So far a pretty good weekend, may everyone else around here have a good weekend too!