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Sunday Slight

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Sunday Slight
  • chance of thunderstorms this week.
    Another week of hundred degree temps.
    Rain NEEDS to happen.

    I hope Connie's kids are safe in Hawaii.
    So terrible the fire devastation there.

    My friend's horses arrived safe and sound yesterday.

    I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday.

  • Funny how such a small fire is a big deal.  I'm shocked and dismayed so many people have died though.  The Islands go through periods of drought, even the Trade Winds stop.  It's awful there when it's like that.  Several years ago California had a lot of fires.  It was a bad year.  The President even showed up, I saw his Motorcade come out of the Wiskeytown area and head back to Redding.  Then he headed to Sacramento and chewed out our outgoing (thank God) Governor Brown and incoming (God help us) Governor Newsom.  It made no impression on New Scum.  That year we had several times the area on fire than ALL of Hawaii.  The town of Paradise was... indescribable.  I hope and pray Connie's family are all safe as well.

    Spent yesterday doing a few errands and brought the tractor back to Oak Run.  Things have gotten a bit out of hand here and it was necessary.  Didn't know it was a hundred-six!  I wondered why I couldn't be out in the sun for more than a few minutes at a time!  Got back to Oak Run very late.