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Monday Must
  • Get my car serviced.
    Inspection and oil change.
    Apparently in Texas starting next year, inspections will no longer be required.
    Just pay the extra fee.

    Last week Jet decided to roll into a fence and got his rear legs caught.
    He was able to get himself free but his left rear was pretty sore and swollen.
    A few days of hydro and he is much better.
    He is still having trouble getting down and up for his daily nap.
    Hydro to continue a few more days.
    The old guy didn't need this to happen.

    Our heat is still here and no rain.
    I hope everyone has a great week.

  • Our temps are around normal, the same with the rain., The forecasters here I think are jealous of the heatwaves  elsewhere as the forecast are all doom about our temps. It's summer and I have seen much much worse in the past. Such as a summer where the real temp hit 100 30 days straight, haven't hit 100 once yet.

    Another big headline here is "First Hurricane of 2023 arrives ahead of schedule" Hmmm, it is the end of July and hurricane season started back in June. How is a late July storm ahead of schedule? I missed where they are now on a schedule.

  • Yes Face, all gloom and  doom all the time.

    Horror and outrage.

    Millions in the path of storms, hottest temps the earth has ever recorded, climate change ad nauseam.

    If people actually listened and dissected what they are being told.

  • The funny part is that the national weather service doesn't keep records past twenty years.  So these 'record temps' they are talking about are laughable.  Take Redding Ca.  Back in the 1880s it wasn't unusual for the summer temps to hover around 110-115.  Yet it's, "a sure sign of Global Warming,' when we have a day around 110.  Give. Me. A. Break!  These people are more interested in keeping their ratings up than actually producing an accurate Weather Report.

    We have had weeks over a hundred here in Fawn Lodge.  It has been a suffocating summer.

    Raven seems to be doing well on the Safe Starch forage.  It's sure keeping me broke!  Tractor Supply was supposed to get it in for me next week.  They were a week early.  Oi...

    Nothing exciting up here or at Oak Run.  Fencing down there and running water line here in Fawn Lodge.  Trying to get the spring house back on line again.  The new neighbors are making a nuisance of themselves.  If it sits much longer they'll likely declare it abandoned and try to take it away from us.  I need the water badly to keep my garden alive.

    Well, hopefully we don't have an indian summer this year.  Hope everyone has a great week.