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Torrid Thursday

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Torrid Thursday
  • !04*and breezy today.

    Tomorrow morning I am giving a lesson on Tex.
    Farrier friend's granddaughter has a summer visit.
    It will be a quick how-to and a mosey around the pasture.

    Yay! Raven is sound!!

  • Yeah, Raven is sound... for now.  I think the buteless pellets are mostly responsible for that.  I'm still debating with myself what to do with her.

    It was 112* here in Fawn Lodge today.  Was supposed to be six degrees cooler.  Miserable, just miserable.  I think one of my tomato plants died.  It has been looking unhappy for a few weeks and today seems to have done it in.  My seedlings (tomatoes) took the heat very well.  Even those I transplanted today.  Should have fruit off those in the Fall.

    Cleaned up after the squirrel invasion in my pantry shed.  Lord what a mess!  Apparently they like  Raisins, egg noodles, pistachios, and oatmeal, not necessarily in that order.  So now anything that is not in a can is in a plastic storage bin.  The cat isn't working as a deterrent.  I am still going to make him a doorway into the shed though.  Hopefully it will be comfortable for Scabbers (cat) this next winter.

    Went through a convoluted, frustrating ordering procedure  to get the seals for the Kubota's bucket lift cylinders.  Took one apart and the seal kits are wrong.  I'm going to attempt a return and get them from a more competent source.  Problem is, this delays the Kubota's repair process another week or two.  Sooooo frustrating!

    Same thing going on with my pickup.  bought the adapters for the three openings on the Pressure Regulator/fuel return and found that two of them won't work.  I wasn't careful enough in the store to make sure they have a seat in order to provide a seal.  So, that has to be redone as well.  Another frustration.  I was so wrapped around the pole yesterday that I was looking rather psyco.

    So glad this week is over.  Next week doesn't look to be much better.  One can hope though.