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Sunday Super

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Sunday Super
  • good chances of more rain this week.
    Today's ride is probably going to get canceled?

    This off and on rain is wonderful.
    We are always on the edge of the major thunderstorms.
    Very lovely and green.
    Horses are so slick and shiny.

    Everyone have a super week.

  • Working on jmebear's tractor today.  Replacing the seals and bearings on the back axles.  The left-side seal was just hanging there on the axle.  No small wonder the hydraulic fluid just ran out as fast as we put it in!  Bit hot today.  Glad I have a collection of patio umbrellas! 

    Minions Funny Gif GIF

    Well, at least that's what it feels like compared to the usual way of baking in the sun.

    Raven is sore again.  I have her on B-L pellets at present.  I have also bought some Triple Crown Lite to add into her food.  Hopefully it helps.

    Bea Bea is still shedding.  I kid you not, that mare's coat was over a foot long.  Filled a whole barrel clearing it off her neck and body.  Had a hell of a time not tearing her mane out (which was shorter than her winter coat) and now she just has leg-warmers on.  #;~P  I was shedding her and thinking, this could be spun into yarn... If I had another two or three like her I could have Mini-hair sweaters and stuff. 

    Well, I'm gonna go out and toast a bit more...