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Happy Easter

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Happy Easter
  • We only got 1/2 inch rain.
    It maybe enough to boost the pasture.

    We are hosting Easter dinner.

    Everyone have a lovely day!
  • I get where you are coming from with rising prices DH.  My Social Security has gone up two hundred dollars this year and I am still struggling to make ends meet.  I have trimmed my budget in every way possible and am still struggling.  No end in sight to this either.  It's buckle up time baby too!  Because if the international Dollar fund collapses, as it appears to be doing, That will make things even worse!  Lots to worry about.

    We have had two minis come back that had been sold off.  One was gone over six or seven years ago, along with a retired brood mare.  The mare died (she was well over twenty-five) and the gelding came back.  The kids outgrew him.  Another mare also returned because the lady is going into assisted living.  So now we have two minis that need to find homes ASAP.  Benny is a good boy and should be fairly easy to find a home for.  Abby is going to be a problem.  She has... issues.  Not something we needed when Jmebear is recuperating.  

    Looks like I won't be able to go home this week.  However that day is coming soon.  Jmebear is getting around much better and will be able to take care of herself very soon.  I ordered some supplies off the 'bay last week and my new truck radiator came today.  It's beautiful.  All shiny and aluminum-y.  Can't wait to put it in.  I'll have to start disassembling my truck's engine to put the short block in.  The old must go for the new to be installed.  I'm not looking forward to getting under there.  It's nasty, greasy, and icky.  Usually gets that way after an engine blows, in my experience.   Gotta have the truck going though.  I have trailers to haul and work to do.

    Well, it's late and I have to go night, night.  Hope everyone around here has a great week ahead.