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Weepy Wednesday

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Weepy Wednesday
  • Today is probably the day.
    Dr. K is going to call and set a time.
    The Dr. that helped us 18 years ago when Tonto had the guide wire accident.
    He told me years later that he was surprised Tonto survived.
    I hope it all goes peacefully.

    Have good day.

  • Thoughts and prayers. It is never easy especially when you have to make the decision.

  • So sad for you.    The loss of a dear horse puts a hole in our hearts.

    I put the horses out where they had to stay behind the barn or go out to pasture...Jade wanted pasture but Banker did not.  She chose not to go without him.

  • so very sorry to hear about Tonto.

    Well, we had things down to five ponies and Socks.  Well... two have come back.  So now we have seven ponies and Socks.  Oi...  Add to that we are down to less than four bales of hay, so I have to go get more.

    Jmebear continues to improve.  However her pain level is disheartening.  I had hoped for a better progression on this.

    The rain continues.  However the next week appears to be clearing.  We shall see...

    I hope everyone has a great week coming up.