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Monday No Meaningful

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Monday No Meaningful
  • rain yet.
    Thursday overnight will be the next best chance.

    They are wanting to leave hay in the morning to go out.
    So they must be finding grass.

    Trash hauling day here.

    Everyone have a clear day.
  • Put a fly mask on Banker this morning before turning him out.  He was not thrilled.  However,  he navigated the way out (on his own) with no difficulty.  The mask is black and am wondering if a white one would be better?  This is one you can ride them in so it is softer...not fond of the stiff ones.  Very bright sun out there today.

  •  forgot to mention, last week's 12+ inches of snow is mostly melted and we are supposed to have a sunny day followed by two more dry days and then possibly 3 days with rain.   Not needing moisture here but if it comes, it comes.  

    Hunter seems happy in her new home.  She should have her horses there soon...boarded nearby just waiting on getting her fences up.

    My 20 week old puppy is beginning to learn to ask to go out.  FINALLY.   She is a love but so darned lively.  She is mesmerized by birds flying over.  No idea what dad was but she looks a lot like Mom who is good on trail rides...however, Lily seems a bit afraid of horses.  She looks like a black mouth Cur to me with the wrong ears.