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Monday My Eye

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Monday My Eye
  • Tonto's eye issue has been ongoing for 15 years. He is 25.
    He has no pigment around the eyes.

    His eyes have always been weepy.
    We did a tear duct cleanse to no avail.
    I investigated tattooing but was told the issue is from below what the tattoo would cover.

    He has worn a fly mask everyday and for many years 24/7. So long his face is dented.
    He has lost vision in his good eye and has some vision in his cancer eye.

    The uveitis flares are fairly easy to identify as the eye gets more inflamed.
    We tried cryogenic on the cancer to no avail.
    Debulking the tumor helped a short time.

    I clean his eyes everyday with just a wet baby wipe.
    He is not fond of it on the bad eye.
    i put triple antibiotic in when it is extra sore, not an easy task.

    The vets want to remove the eye but that is a traumatic thing for both Tonto and myself.
    And it's very possible he has cancer in his head, so trauma without a favorable outcome?

    Due to his blindness he lives in a 95 foot arena pen.
    Jet is his bud and comes to hang out with him for a portion of the day.

    I hope everyone is enjoying a clear day.

  • Banker has an ointment with a steroid in it....she said  9 days and then start again when it is inflamed...her eyes are younger than mine and she pointed out tiny blood vessels in his eyes that indicate inflamation.  I can not see them.  I have her diagnosis and will continue to follow up with my regular vet of about 35/40 years.  At least he has sight in one eye...she said the other eye is like looking through a frosted window pane....I will do the best I can for him.

    Left them out last night but put them in this morning...wet snow falling and a promise of five to 20 inches in the next day and a half....have plenty of food and water and firewood so I am good.  

    Hope all are wll.

  • May I ask what the aspirin dosage is?

    Tonto does get MSM and glucosamine.

    Jet does as well, along with his EPM supplement and vitamin e.

    Keeping these old guys going is a challenge.

  • 10 to 12 a day for Banker...figure she means about 1/100lbs of horse.  Told me to get them at the dollar tree.  I crush them and mix them in his feed.  She said for the rest of his life.  Pretty cheap medicine and he so far has not objected to me mixing it in his feed.

  • Thank you