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Saturday Still Dry

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Saturday Still Dry
  • Just a spit of rain yesterday morning.
    I didn't even hear it.

    Got in a late afternoon ride.
    My neighbor student is doing great on Tex.
    I am glad she is finally riding with me.

    B is planning to join us today. Her first ride in a year and a half?
    So I will be riding Chica.

    I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

  • The  vet with the most  up to date info on eyes was here Thursday.  Banker has uveitis.  He has considerable damage.  Major inflamation in one eye right now and now have a 9 day med course for him....I will have to keep it on hand and hope that I notice with each flare up and medicate.  My regular vet (friends with the one she said to call) told me to include a daily dose of aspirin.  so I will do it.  HOpefully he will regain some of the lost sight.  Not a desired outcome but I am hoping he can hold his own and maybe improve.  I did get the meds in his eyes yesterday....sure hope I can do it daily alone...not something he enjoys.

    snow here today.....Oldest son stopped by and put bulbs in my outside lights...I could not get into either of them

  • I have a thirty-five year old mare who also suffers from Uveitis.  She needs her eyes bathed about every other day and a Boric acid wash once or twice a week.  Other than that she's in good shape.  During the summer I have to soak her eyes with a soft wash cloth wet with warm water.   What I'm getting at, is that this condition can be treated and lived with on a long-term basis.  It's a bit of a pain in the wazoo, but can be dealt with.

    Rain, rain and yet more rain today...  The horses are about as sick of this as I am.

  • Stude,  my regular vet told me aspirin daily for the rest of his life...said she has has had good results with it.  He eats it well so that is good.  I can not see the inflamation (danged old eyes) but will try to be more aware  of the signs of a flare up.  Yesterday (Sunday) he blinked when I came towards his eye with the meds so I am hoping that is a sign he could see the meds coming....He gets around outside fine and still chases the pudding out of Jade

    Such a bully.

  • Thank you for sharing the idea about aspirin.  I will try it with Auntie Bea.  She will be getting an eye bath tomorrow.  Absolutely hates the procedure, however is still good about it all the same.  A testament to her character.  Wish I had gotten her thirty years ago, or more.  However, with her breeding, I likely couldn't have afforded her.  Looks like her son will be coming home to stay soon.

    Decent day today.  However the mud is driving me nutz.

    Hope everyone has a great week.

  • ten to twelve aspirin tablets for Banker so figure it is roughly one tablet per 100 lbs body weight.