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Wednesday Weather

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Wednesday Weather
  • Our weather is perfect except no rain.
    It was upper 80's yesterday.

    Trees are budding and blooming.
    Mesquites are the ones to watch.
    They won't bud until cold weather is for sure gone.
    Doubt we will have many wildflowers due to lack of moisture.

    I hope everyone is having a great week.

  • The weather has been cold and wet here in Oak Run.  We had about four or five hours of hail yesterday.   It seemed like there was no end to it.  I have never seen six inches of hail before in my life!  Then it got cold (well below thirty into the mid twenties) and froze the lot of it.  Today it's a muddy, mushy mess!  Fawn Lodge got over a foot of  snow and my roommates got stuck on the driveway today.  Winter fun all around.

    I had hoped to go to Fawn Lodge overnight and that looks to be scotched.  The ladies who help Jmebear are snowed in and can't look in on the horses for me.  So much for the great drought  and Global warming. <eyeroll>

    Hope everyone has a great week ahead.