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Friday Flux

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Friday Flux
  • Plans around here are always changing.
    I am suppose to give a lesson at 3:30, it changed to 9:30.

    The bull was supposed to be delivered next week. He comes today.
    That means heifer calf needed catching yesterday which happened without chaos.
    But had to rush after my already full Thursday.
    Meant dinner plan changed.

    Anyway MaderChica arrives later today.
    Her first chance to meet her nephew TRex who is 2 months old.
    He is such a good baby, already going to work with momma.
    He will be a very smart boy.

    Sad to hear losing Hackneys and Marsh ponies.
    No movement to help rescue?
    It is not that long ago that Indian Shufflers were saved.
    i am still hoping to add to the number of Shufflers with my two mares.

  • As to Hackneys, far too many were used to produce half-breds.  That is to say; improve on another breed.  I know of one woman who used a royally bred Hackney mare to produce quite a number of Arab crosses.  Never once did she breed her to a Hackney stallion.  Repeat this hundreds of times.

    Well we got a major load of snow this morning.  Almost three feet.  Louie nearly lost his shelter.  I did kind of a sketchy job on building it, so no surprise there.  Both of the cart sheds actually held up well to the snowload.  Not bad for basically a tent.  What really worries me is the main barn.  It was designed for So. Cal. where snow is a foreign novelty.  The roof has a very low pitch.  It needs to be at least a 6/12, that is to say six feet rise for every twelve feet of roof.  That would put the ridge at nine feet or so.  Instead, the ridge is three feet.  The snow just doesn't shed.   I'm leery about climbing up there too.  Will have to figure something out though.  I'd post pics but my tablet is being stupid again.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!



  • Stude be careful with the snow.

    Saving the Marsh Ponies has been half hearted. The intent is to keep them wild. However, if their island is sold that puts a major wrinkle in the half hearted plan. Doubt they can find another island to allow them to take over.

    The Marsh Tackies themselves are not wild and they are in good shape.

  • Marsh Ponies... are they the Chincoteague ponies?  I thought they were protected or something...


    Okay, so Marsh Ponies are South Carolina and Chincoteague are Virginia.  So someone needs to write a children's story about the Marsh Ponies.  Misty was what basically led to the protection of the Chincoteague ponies.  The focus would have to be a bit different than Misty's book as things have changed.  Maybe a coming of age adventure of some kind.  One with the lead character finding themselves through the ponies.  Hopefully through that awareness of the ponies could be raised and something could be done.  I know... dream on.